Backlinks Vs Referring Domains: Comparative Analysis for Better SEO

Comparative Analysis for Better SEO

Marketing is all about sending the right message to the right people at an appropriate time. In this technological era, we rely on hi-tech devices for most of our activities. When we encounter any hindrance in technical devices, we feel that lives have come to a virtual halt. Smartphones have become our go-to devices for our mundane activities. We prefer performing our day-to-day tasks through gadgets. Reliance on smartphones has resulted in people spending a substantial amount of their day on these gadgets, and marketers are using it to their advantage. Catching consumers’ attention online and then persuading them to buy their products helps make your business flourish.

Digital marketing is a vast term, and it entails all types of advertising, for which marketers use electronic channels. Digital marketing has evolved massively in the last few years, and marketers have brought forward innovative techniques. SEO, search engine optimization, is an essential constituent of digital marketing. It is the optimization of websites in such ways that search engines display them on initial pages. Most people prefer exploring sites that appear on the first page and do not bother checking out the last pages.  It is crucial for business owners to optimize their websites to rank higher than others. Marketers have come up with innovative SEO techniques, and backlinks and referring domains are two essential SEO practices. 

A general misconception is that backlinks and referring domains are two names of the same thing. Below we are going an inclusive guide which will provide you with an in-depth insight into backlinks and referring domains:


One of the widely practiced SEO techniques is using backlinks. Backlinking is a process that links a website to another webpage and directs customers to the latter one. Search engines read backlinks from websites, and in the SEO landscape, marketers call them votes. More votes mean that the content is valuable, and search engines rank these websites higher and enhance the website’s credibility. All backlinks are not equal, and neither are all fruitful. You have to do your research and analyze what backlinks need to become a part of your website and how much traffic it will direct. Suppose you select SEMrush as your tracking and monitoring platform. You can utilize this tool to check backlinks, all incoming links, their domain, and types to use it as per your product’s niche. The esteemed backlinks are the prized possession for a website. One quality backlink brings in more traffic than hundreds of lower quality ones. 

The following are some key traits of super-quality backlinks:


The Internet is an ocean of information, but not all the data is authentic. Various software helps identify the authenticity of a website. While you backlink a webpage, you must make sure that it is a reliable source. Search engines read your backlinking websites, and reliability will give weightage to your website.


Some website’s link has a ‘nofollow’ tag with them. Search engine algorithms are wise enough to detect nofollow on links. They do not consider such links worthy of value. Most of the press releases, blog posts, and paid advertisements belong to this category. Ensure that you are backlinking a webpage that has a ‘dofollow’ link as search engine algorithms read their content. The excellent part is a vast majority of the links are dofollow links. 


The concept of a keyword in SEO may be old, but it still holds a substantial value. Smart marketers put in lots of effort in analyzing and determining the appropriate keywords. Backlinks of the websites that have your targeted keyword in their anchor text make it precious.


Backlinking is not a one time job, and the website has to use multiple backlinks on their different webpages. While you may feel the temptation of using the same link for further backlinking, it is a big no, as it lowers down the quality of SEO. Search on the Internet, and you can easily find different domains related to your niche. You can easily use them as backlinks.


Linking domain is another name for referring domain. As the name implies, it is a website from which the target website gets a link. Marketers have given it the term referring domain as it relates to another website. Many websites prefer having more in number, as it helps in enhancing a brand’s visibility. 

These domains send signals to online users and search engines about the reliability and high-quality of your website. Referring domains determine the SEO ranking of websites. Low-quality links can put your website down in search engine’s order. SEO and SERP thrive on organic traffic, and the referring domain is crucial for turning users to your website naturally. 

Some tips which will help in gaining more referring domains are as follows:


Your website may have received a trustworthy badge, but there must be some pages that managed to bring maximum traffic. While mapping out a digital marketing strategy, identifying top-performance pages is crucial. It can change the game of the referring domain. The Internet has various software which will give you a report regarding the performance of your pages.


Having an in-depth understanding of target customers is essential for the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. To get more referral domains, you need to determine the target audience’s demands, behaviors, and needs. In-depth research and surveys help in getting an insight into customers’ demands.


Unique content that is also relevant gets the maximum referring domains, that too from high-rated websites. You must make sure that you create phenomenal content, which is informative and aligns with your products and consumers. Besides, distributing content is another way of getting more linking domains. If your website publishes super-quality content, more websites will show interest in you. 


An analysis is vital for devising your next step. You can get a list of all the domains that link through your queried website through a referring domain report. Evaluate the list and determine trusted links, and it will lead to more opportunities for link building


In the world of digital marketing, SEO determines the success of your website. Referring domains are the source of your backlinks, and having them few reduces the probability of SEO success. Some websites may have a plethora of quality backlinks but fewer referring domains, which means their backlink profile is weak. Search engines put such websites on the backend, and they struggle to garner traffic. Understanding the backlink and referring domain can change your digital marketing sphere and put you on the path to success. 

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