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Having a Problem opening a .doc or .docx Word file? Learn Quick Ways to Fix!

How to solve problem while opening Doc and Docx File

The current society lives around a digital environment where most of the activities are through computers, smartphones, tablets, and other smart devices. However, we can think that inside this utopic world full of amenities, there is no space for problems and inconveniences.

But, life itself is complicated and the digital world too. For this reason, we can find that something as simple as a Word file can have troubles. Even though people think that one of the most straightforward problems to solve is those about the .doc or .docx extension, if we cannot open a word file, there is no single cause. There is a wide variety of reasons, and depending on the grounds, we should apply a different doc repair.

In this way, to fix a .doc or .docx failure, you should know the different ways to act according to the circumstances. For this reason, we want to make the method easier and tell you the best options so you can make the doc repair by yourself without losing the information contained in the word file. 

Besides, as we want to make things less complicated, we will describe the different options step by step. In this way, there is no way you could fail in the process to repair your word file and recover your important information.

Find the perfect tool

The first thing you can use to make the process easier is to use a unique tool that fixes the corrupt word file and let it open. The best tool you can find on the internet is Datanumen. It is a tool specially designed for all those who do not have too much experience in computers and all those kinds of mistakes.

In this way, you will be able to fix the different mistakes that could be happening without losing hours of your time trying to understand programming or another thing like this. The best of this tool is that it lets you recover the information in the word file and read it while the tool fixes the problem. However, it does not mean that you do not have to follow some steps to use this tool. 

The first step you need to follow is to download the tool. After all, if you do not count with the tool, you cannot use it. Once you already download and install the tool on your computer, you have to open it to select the word file address that is damaged. 

Then you can use the launcher so it can start to fix the damaged .doc or .docx files. Then you have to wait for the tool to fix the file. Once it is ready, you will save the word file in a safe place different from the current localization. In this way, you will have recovered your word file and the valuable information in it. 

Is it possible to unlock a word file?

There is a second method you can use, but it involves unlocking the word file. However, it is a method that does not repair all the .doc or .docx documents’ failures. With the next process, you will repair just the word files that have to suffer some corruption to send it to a third. 

As the method before, this will be useful for people who do not know much about computers. The first thing you have to do to unlock the word file is localizing the file’s address. Then with the right bottom of the mouse, you have to click on the file.

A drop-down menu will appear, and you must find the option that says “properties” and click on it. Then a window is going to open, and you will find the option that says “read-only” or something like that. For that option, you must uncheck it and then click in accept to finalize the process. 

After all this process, your word file should be able to open. Remember that if this is not the mistake, you probably will need to implement another method or apply some unique tool.

What happens with the unreadable word files?

There are some cases where the format that the person who sends you the word file is not compatible with the version of the word you handle. In those cases, the word file does not work for the mismatching problem. But, you do not have to worry because there is a tool that can help you with this kind of problem.

We are talking about the Text recovery converter, an easy tool that is the best for this kind of situation. After downloading it and installing it, you have to open the tool and select Browse’s option. It is going to help you to choose the file that is giving you problems. Then you have to click at the bottom to recover the text.

Then you have to wait patiently that the tool does its work. It could take some minutes, but then you will be able to open your word file and read it. However, most recommendable is copying the text that the tool helps you recover and paste it into another word file in another location. In this way, if the mistake or the failure returns, you will have a backup of that information.

As you can see through these three methods to repair .doc or .docx word files, recover the control from opening your files can be possible. Independently of the kind of problem you could have with your word files, there is always a solution and a way to recover the information. 

In this way, do not feel upset if suddenly a word file does not open because now you know three approved methods that make the doc repair something straightforward to fix. Just follow the steps and do not give up. We know that computers and digital programs can be challenging to understand, but there is no reason why you should not try to solve this problem by yourself.

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