Benefits of Becoming a Web Developer


Technology touches just about every part of our lives, with websites performing all kinds of functions for us.

Be it working, groceries, banking and more, chances are the vast majority of us log onto several websites each and every day.

All of those sites are built, monitored and managed by web developers. A job that is growing in popularity and importance in the modern age.

But what does the job entail, and what are the benefits? Let’s take a look.

What does a web developer do?

  • Write code: Code underpins just about any website. If you’re already a computing hobbyist, you might find that your skills in programming something like a Raspberry Pi could translate into a career.
  • Create applications: Web and mobile apps are growing in popularity as they allow businesses to deal directly with customers.
  • De-bug applications: If something goes wrong, you will have to use your expertise to fix it and get things running smoothly again ASAP.
  • Work on graphics, video, and/or audio content: Advertising campaigns that are rich in media often stick in the minds of potential customers more.
  • Monitor website traffic: How is the website performing? Understanding this will help inform your next job.
  • Develop site layout: Is the site easy to use? Does it take customers on the right journey?

How much do web developers make?

According to employment experts Indeed, the average salary for web developers in the UK is almost £35,000 per year.

That’s above the average salary in the UK according to the Office for National Statistics.

The benefits of becoming a web developer

Now we know what you’ll be doing – what are some of the reasons that make this such a highly sought-after role?

  • Futureproofed skills: Ecommerce is a rapidly growing sector, so you’re never likely to run out of work. Your skills may also be transferrable to mobile environments, which are becoming all the more crucial for lives on the go.
  • Transferrable across industries: As websites and apps become crucial for any business, you can have your pick of the industries to work in. Have a passion for sports? Why not find a club, organisation or shop that needs help with web design. If you’re into video games, site building could even lead you into something even cooler like video game development.
  • Be your own boss: If you’ve got the right kit, you can design web apps and sites from wherever you like. Setting up on your own will also give you the freedom to work on projects that you’re truly passionate about.

It’s fun: Plain and simple! If you’re into your tech, then doing it for a job might not feel quite like working at all. Turning a passion or hobby into a career is a sure-fire way to keep the Monday blues at bay and work in a role that gives you proper satisfaction.

Tech Junkie is a small word for Vikas Kaushik. Whether the latest game on the market or a new gadget launch he is the go-to person. He drives his motivation from the fast-paced technological advancements. He ensures that the right news reaches niche audiences. An avid biker and movie buff he has deep-rooted faith in upcoming technological inventions and is a torchbearer for the tech revolution.

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