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Benefits of Online Banking with Aspiration


Most people need a bank account to deposit paychecks and deal with daily expenses. Individuals rarely handle cash in the modern world. Yet, we still go to banks in-person to sign up for accounts and make deposits. While many banks have online features, they may have limitations. Most bank account holders must visit the bank occasionally to take care of business. With an online bank account, you can sign up from the comfort of home. With Aspiration, you can also earn rewards and save the planet. 


If you have a busy life, you don’t want to waste time visiting the bank. Many banks close at the same time as most offices, as well. This leaves customers rushing to the bank on their lunch break to make sure their money gets deposited, or bills get paid. With an Aspiration account, you can sign up from your computer and use direct deposit for your paycheck. If you have a paper check, you can simply sign it and use the mobile deposit option. 

Help the Planet

You may not think that banking can help the planet, however, many popular banks fund projects that contribute to destroying the environment. The support of fossil fuels remains one of the largest projects funded by large banking institutions. Many of the places you shop also pay companies to continue these dangerous practices. With Aspiration, you can change your spending habits to make the earth a safer place. 

You can look forward to an Aspiration debit card made from recycled materials. Aspiration also alerts you when you spend at an establishment that doesn’t support earth-friendly efforts. When you change your spending habits to earth conscious companies, you can get cashback rewards. When you bank with Aspiration, your money goes to help carbon offsets instead of fossil fuels. 

Earn Rewards and Earn Higher Interest

You should get something back for becoming a loyal customer. Most banks, however, find ways to charge customers for a variety of features. Even interest-bearing savings accounts may give you the bare minimum. With Aspiration, you can expect low monthly fees and higher interest earnings on your savings account. Earn cashback rewards and get refunds for ATM fees, as well. 

Easy Sign-up

You don’t have to take an hour or two off of work to go sign up for an Aspiration account. Simply sit down at your computer and make your account. You can choose to pay monthly or spend less by paying for an annual membership. You can start using your funds as soon as you make a deposit. Your debit card arrives in the mail in 7-10 business days, however, you don’t have to wait for it to access your account. Aspiration assigns you a digital card, as well. The digital card becomes available immediately. With most banks, you have to wait for your card to come in the mail while your money sits in the bank unused. 

Aspiration makes it more convenient, by saving you time and money. You can also feel good about banking, due to the earth-friendly aspects of an Aspiration account. You may not take the time to learn about the companies you shop with. Aspiration puts in the effort to find out how companies spend their money so you can make an informed decision about where to spend yours. Convenience and environmentally safe practices can be yours with a new Aspiration account!

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