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Boxing and its Betting Market


Even though there are numerous types of combat sports, boxing is definitely the most well-known. This sport has fans from all over the world, with most of them dwelling in the United Kingdom.

Boxing has a considerable fan base from all around the world. So, it should come as no surprise that so many people like betting on the sport. Thousands of fans place bets on major boxing contests. People may place bets on this sport at any time of the day thanks to the various online bookmakers.

Boxing betting has been around for as long as the sport itself, making it the most popular sport betting activity today. Boxing has a broad appeal among sports enthusiasts, especially those who love contact sports. With the way it progresses, it is one of the options of Bitcoin sports betting and other forms of cryptobetting.

Boxing is a thrilling sport in which to wager. Top fights do not occur daily, as they do in other sports. Therefore, you should take advantage of any opportunity to place your bet whenever the opportunity arises.

Boxing betting market – Types of boxing

  • Bout bets

Bout bets, also known as outright winner bets, are betting on which fighter would win in a specific match. You can place the most of your wager on a fight here. Nonetheless, whatever information you use to make your choice should depend on the probability of a single fighter winning.

  • Handicap betting

When there is a clear difference in talent between the two fighters, handicap betting is the most effective approach. Also known as spread betting, It is possible to place a wager on a specific fighter to win a fight with a certain margin.

  • Method of victory bet

It is possible to place a bet on which method will win. Betting on points or via KO or TKO are the two most basic types of wagering options. They signify that the combat has been called off because one of the participants is unable to continue. What matters is that the decision is made, not who made it, whether it was the referee, the fighter, or his team. 

The third alternative is disqualification. However, only a few bookies make this choice available on their websites.

  • Fight to the distance

A boxing match usually lasts 12 rounds. However, there are exceptions, such as a low card. Still, you can access the betting options for the 12 rounds, and you can bet on whether the fight will last the entire time.

  • Round bet

During each round, it is possible to place a wager on when the fight will stop. Also, players can wager on whether or not the combat will last for the given time limit. These bets are prevalent, and if you have good boxing knowledge and judgment, you may make a lot of money with them.

How you can bet on boxing matches

Thankfully, we live in a world where there are different methods of placing your bets. But, it also depends on the area you reside in.

  • Traditional betting/ Land-based betting

Traditional bookmakers and casinos, both still prevalent in the UK, offer land-based betting options to their customers. The casino will require you to manually fill out a bet slip and get a receipt to process your wager.

  • Online betting

Online betting refers to wagers placed on a boxing match using a website other than a traditional bookmaker after you place your bet, the odds you choose to stay in effect no matter what happens, regardless of the outcome.

  • Betting exchanges

Betting exchanges are places where you place bets on odds that other punters set. When comparing a sportsbook and an exchange, the most significant difference is that an exchange site lets you make a lay bet. This is a type of bet in where players bet against the outcome of an event.

  • Live betting

Live betting is available during a fight that is currently taking place. While the rounds are in progress, the match will be suspended. Nonetheless, punters will be able to put bets depending on what they have observed.

  • Best boxing betting bookmakers

When you consider betting on boxing, it is crucial that you also think of the bookmakers to use. Here, we have listed some of the best bookmakers for betting.

  • Bovada

Bovada is popular in the United States. It covers all major boxing events and focuses on matches that will attract the American market.

  • William Hill

William Hill is an excellent bookmaker who regularly offers incredible promotions. It does not guarantee that these promotions are always available for the boxing match you’re betting on. So, always double-check before wagering.

  • 888 Sports

When it comes to the market and its odds, 888 Sport is one of the best bookies in boxing betting.

  • Betfair

Betfair offers both a sportsbook and an exchange. The exchange site is significant because it allows you to place a lay bet. This is a gamble against something rather than for something to happen.

Tips for betting on boxing

When betting on a boxing match, you should consider some tactics and betting strategies. Remember that boxing is not a simple sport, so you should consider different aspects before placing your bet. When betting on sporting events, we tend to focus only on the fighter’s reputation. What you should know is that many things happen behind the scenes in boxing that impact the match. Some factors are:

  • Bet only on a couple of fights on a boxing card

The audience is not interested in most fights on a boxing card, making it unprofitable in the betting markets. Because of this, some bookmakers would refuse to provide its appealing odds. Still, if you should consider this, place only a few bets.

  • Be knowledgeable about box coaches

Though you might think this doesn’t matter, it plays a significant role in the quality of fighters we see. A good coach will train a good player meaning that the player stands a higher chance of winning.

  • Do not fall for rumors

Do extensive research on your own and avoid betting on what every other person says.

  • Study a player’s fighting approach

The style of a boxer can determine if he would emerge as the winner. Therefore, before you place your bet on any, ensure that the players are of a high standard.


We see something promising in betting on boxing. As this market continues to expand, so do the opportunities. So, if you are a punter, you should consider wagering on boxing.

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