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Build a Hybrid Office with the right IT Services


Nearly all of the major tech companies in the world believe that hybrid working will be the next most disruptive trend in business. It may be easier than you think to convert your business into a hybrid working organisation. 

Get the Right Licensing

To execute a successful hybrid office means utilising the right type of software to enable employees to work both remotely and on-site.

“At TechQuarters, we recommend using Microsoft 365,” says TechQuarters. “This enables our customers to communicate with each other, share files, and work on documents across multiple devices.” For example, using OneDrive and SharePoint enables you to access your files from the Microsoft cloud. Microsoft Teams is a collaboration platform that enables you to chat, call, and video call with your colleagues, using your phone, tablet, PC or Laptop. Does it sound overwhelming? Well, it probably is. In that sense, you want a company that joins forces with your employees and at the same time allows you to save money compared to competitors’ rates. For that, you might want to check these managed IT services and support pricing.

Cloud-native work applications are one of the keys to hybrid working. Being able to access your applications, and your files, from any internet-connected device empowers you to work from a multitude of places and engage with more flexible working.

“We have found that Microsoft products offer plenty of flexibility and a high level of security for our customers,” says TechQuarters. “We can personally attest to this, as we use Microsoft extensively ourselves when delivering IT support in London.”

Get the right IT Support

All businesses will require IT support at some point (and it’s better to have it sooner rather than later). If you have some users who are going to the office, and some users who are working from home your best option is likely to be remote or outsourced IT support. This will give you the flexibility to ensure that you and your colleagues can access IT support no matter where you are.

“Providing IT support London based businesses can rely on means always being available to go to customer sites,” says TechQuarters. “Even though 80% of IT issues can be resolved remotely, that’s still 20% that require on-site assistance.”

Consider Managed Services

Outsourced IT support is an excellent solution for small businesses; but if you are a medium sized business – for example, 50 users or more – you may want to consider managed IT services. This is the next step up, as it includes everything you get from a good IT support service, plus other crucial services such as Disaster Recovery & Backup, Digital Transformation project services, Cloud Hosting, and much more.

TechQuarters provide managed IT services London based businesses can use to turn their office into a hybrid workplace. “We would strongly recommend any business that is at least 50 users to consider partnering with a managed service provider, as they will help you transform your business into one that is ready for the hybrid work revolution!”

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