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How to Naturally Relieve Heartburn


You feel like it’s hard to breathe, you’re uncomfortable, and you also find it challenging to get to sleep. When heartburn creeps upon you, you may not have everything you need to feel better so you can relax—or do you? 

You may have everything you need in your house to help relieve that pain that isn’t letting you just chill and watch your favorite show or get to sleep. Whether you ate something that is upsetting your stomach or you’re dealing with a lot of stress, when heartburn strikes, take a look in your cupboards or fridge or even plant collection to see if you have something to make you feel better. 

Here are some top natural remedies to relieve your heartburn, so you don’t have to rush to your local pharmacy when you’d rather just relax:

Aloe vera juice

Aloe vera juice can be great for several reasons but it’s especially helpful for soothing an upset stomach caused by heartburn. In fact, it’s even helpful to drink it before you eat your meal. In addition to staying hydrated with aloe vera juice, make sure to consume enough water throughout the day—this is where a hydration pack can come in handy. 

Baking soda

Baking soda for heartburn is a natural remedy you more than likely have in your home. Who doesn’t own this magic-working item in their cupboards? Mixed into a cup of water, baking soda can do wonders for calming your heartburn as it breaks down acid. Keep in mind that it is high in sodium, so if you have issues with high-sodium content, turn to another remedy for your heartburn. 

Apple cider vinegar

It’s no surprise that apple cider vinegar has helpful benefits for your heartburn. As a natural remedy that almost the whole world swears by, you won’t be surprised at how it can help get rid of heartburn or even prevent it in the first place. You can drink it before your meal or if you’re worried about getting heartburn before bed, drink it before you go to sleep, mixed with a cup of water. The taste is terrible, but the benefits are worth it. 


Bananas have natural antacids so you can rely on them to calm heartburn when the acid feels like it’s too much. One banana should do but eat two if you feel like it isn’t going away. Don’t try to make a banana smoothie or combine it with other foods, as you want to avoid irritating your heartburn with other ingredients. 


Ginger is beneficial for a number of ailments related to your health, from stomachaches to sore throats, and it’s also helpful for heartburn. Ginger helps to reduce inflammation, as well as keep the acid from going up your esophagus. 

Chew gum

If you’re having a hard time clearing the acid, you could try chewing gum, as it helps to produce saliva which can help you keep your esophagus clean and clear. 

Consider raising the head of your bed

If you continually have a hard time getting to sleep because of heartburn, you should investigate things in your diet that could be affecting you. However, in the meantime, consider raising the head of your bed so you can minimize the effects of reflux during the night on your body. You can even do this if you’re out backpacking through the wilderness or on a family hike—simply use your backpack or extra pillows to prop your head up.

In Conclusion

Heartburn at any time of the day is no fun and especially so at night. If you want to get rid of your heartburn with ingredients you have at home, these natural remedies can help to take it away, right away. If you can start avoiding the foods that may be wreaking havoc on your digestion, consider taking that step. Meanwhile, make sure to stock up on aloe vera juice and baking soda should heartburn symptoms strike.

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