Captivating Features of a High-End Branded Watch Like Seiko Presage

Captivating Features of a High-End Branded Watch Like Seiko Presage

Choosing a watch style is difficult as there are different types of watches available in the market. Several elements, including your personal preference, budget, job, and purpose, among others, are crucial to coming to a final point to decide what type of watch you want to purchase. 

These and more inquiries may have tormented the psyches of numerous a watch sweetheart in the wake of hearing the news. Be that as it may, likewise with some other organization choice, Seiko had its own purpose behind stopping the assortment. 

Individuals have theorized that maybe Seiko figured the SARB033 assortment wasn’t adequate when they chose to wander into the very good quality US watch advertise. Hence, they moved their attention on creating more up to date looks for BaselWorld. 

Whatever the explanation, the stopping of the Seiko Mechanical SARB033 left watch sweethearts astounded. In any case, they didn’t let this choice get to them. Many watch authorities keep on communicating their affection for this assortment.


A watch with a chronometer acts as a stopwatch. You can either start or stop using this additional feature by the press of a single button. This is a perfect choice for sportspeople specialized in swimming and running. 

Water Resistance

Severalbrands in the market that claim to offer water-resistant watches. However, there is a difference between a water-resistant watch and a diving watch. Therefore, be sure of the purpose of buying the watch and thoroughly scrutinize all the elements of the watch. A diving watch is designed to survive the depths of up to a hundred to two hundred meters. Search a brand that has certifications from the sports authorities and meet other regulatory standards. Nowadays, to add more clarity, companies are adding a diver characteristic on the dial of the watch to symbolize its use.

Watches that are labeled as water-resistant can take a bit of splashing, in contrary to the activities in which the watch has to be submerged underwater. It is a similar scenario to the water-resistant smartphones. As a result, getting your basics right is crucial in the watchmaking industry. 

Option Pertaining to Calendar

This value-added feature is available on most watches nowadays. The Seiko Presage possesses several options for date, month, and year. There are two types of such watches, one displaying the standard calendar and the other full calendar. 


Some watches come with luminous hands. These hands emit a glowing light, enabling a clear display during the nighttime. This is a wise choice for hikers, cyclists, and people who love adventure trips, such as camping.

Watch Flap

With booming technological updates in the last decade, we have seen watches that come with a flap. This move was solely made to protect the user’s watches from any external damage. The flap, which is mostly made up of stainless steel, is used to protect the watch’s face. Some experts believe that a flap is not a full-proof method to protect the watch from any harm. Moreover, most new watches are manufactured with high-end crystals that make them durable and long-lasting.

Global Positioning System(GPS) Characteristic

One of the present-day features of a watch is the inclusion of a GPS feature. A GPS enabled watch can track the speed, elevation, pace, and distance. This is a heaven for outdoor enthusiasts and best supports their adventures. These options aids in wandering off the beaten path.

In addition to that, men and women have different preferences for their watches. Women might want a slender watch for their workplace and a sturdy one for the workout. Similarly, men have different personal preferences. Also, the choice for the type of watch depends upon the professional. In other words, if you are an athlete, you will need a watch that possesses additional features.

What are the highlights of the SEIKO MECHANICAL SARB033? 

More or less, the Seiko Mechanical SARB033 watch is best appreciated for its straightforward yet complex and exquisite look. On the off chance that you look carefully, Seiko absolutely made a fantastic showing with the smallest of subtleties for this piece. Their craftsmanship knows no limits! 

The Seiko Mechanical SARB033 includes profoundly cleaned files alongside delightfully adjusted dauphine (blade like) hands. The hour markers are tightened with radiant inward tips and a flimsy luminescent strip shines between the moment and hour hands. 

The model’s arm band is strong yet serenely light. It accompanies shellfish like connections, looking like the Tudor Pelagos arm band. Be that as it may, the striking arm band is suggestive of the Grand Seiko assortments. As indicated by some watch fans, the shade of the dial unobtrusively changes under various lighting, making it a serious ravishing and enthralling piece. 

The 38mm case is tough and its case-back is really transparent! This permits you to see the inward operations of this piece. Entirely slick, eh? 


The 6R15 programmed development controls the Seiko Mechanical SARB033. In addition, the watch includes a great 50-hour power save and 23 gems. The fake sapphire precious stone in the SARB033 is scratch-safe, and this model has a water-opposition of 100 meters. It’s optimal for swimming however not for jumping. 

Shockingly, this piece doesn’t include a chronograph however it unquestionably looks cleaner without it. Maybe, Seiko needed to fuse the possibility of “toning it down would be best” with this piece. It surely works however on the grounds that only one out of every odd watch wearer needs a chronograph, correct? 

The cleaned case and mess free dial plan alongside its tasteful look take after a less stout Seiko Prospex. In any case, this piece holds its own notoriety and class. The immaculate completion says a lot of Seiko’s staggering craftsmanship, making the model an immortal piece in anybody’s watch assortment. 

What makes the SEIKO SARB033 the best moderate programmed watch? 

– The SARB033 may glance basic as far as its structure. Be that as it may, this is an additional preferred position on the grounds that the structure alone will stand the trial of time. Beside that, the quality and every one of its highlights make it an incredible piece at its cost. 

– The Seiko SARB033 is an extraordinary model in Seiko’s arrangement as its a JDM (Japanese Domestic Made) model. Truth be told, you can just buy the SARB033 in Japan. 

– The Seiko SARB033 is 100% and totally made in Japan. Different watches from Seiko have parts produced using different nations. 

– The SARB033’s arm band is enlivened by the Grand Seiko assortment. Truth be told, a few people allude to the SARB033 as the “infant” Grand Seiko. 

– As referenced previously, the SARB033 uses the 6R15 bore development which is normally found in the better quality Seiko Prose.

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