Effective Ways To Waterproof Your Smartphone

How to make your phone waterproof

Would it not be awesome if all the smartphones were completely waterproof? Think about all the unintentional phone casualties that could be prevented from restrooms, swimming pools, and dishwashers. Alternatively, think about all the trips you might take on your camera – aquatic scuba diving, lazy canoeing, or a completely laidback day at the shore.

The question is, how can you secure your smartphone from fluid damage? Is it even achievable to make a waterproof phone? Sure, to some degree! In this article, we discuss five of the most effective and common ways to get your smartphones waterproof.

Waterproof Phones

This may not be the cheapest way for a waterproof phone, but it sure is a long-term investment. Having a waterproof phone in the get-go can easily save you from having to buy external waterproof accessories in the first place. Check this out if you’re looking for the best waterproof phone

Ziploc Bag

Probably the simplest and fastest method to turn your phone waterproof is easy to place it in a Ziploc container. This is particularly good for going out to the beach since it will stop sediment out of your mobile device and still be able to use your smartphone simultaneously. 

The guaranteed way to really prevent the water from your smartphone is to use two Ziplocs. For a more intense version of this (for instance, if you’re wakeboarding), you can use a safety lock device, such as a vacuum-lock, to enclose your mobile device in a plastic container.

Dry Bags Or Waterproof Pouches

The primary benefit of a waterproof bag or a dry pouch is the lower price. A water repellent or dry bag can show the same effectiveness as a hard protective case, but at a lower price. 

The drawback is that these bags are not as long-lasting as hard cases and typically make it much harder to access your smartphone. But if you want to get the best bang for your dollar, pick a waterproof pack or a dry bag.

Have A Company Waterproof Your Phone

If you’re really searching for a reliable, weatherproof option, Liquipel is a business providing that. The service will provide the smartphone with a waterproofing system for $60 and give it back to you. 

Your mobile device only needs to be managed with Liquipel once, but their webpage advises that it is best for unintentional circumstances in which your phone is getting wet: if you’re going to try to take a dive on your mobile device, Liquipel is not assured to safeguard it entirely.

Install a Waterproof Skin

A smartphone waterproof skin is a slim film coating that is usually applied to your phone. It provides a cheaper way to render your phone waterproof without including any weight. That being said, it is a lightweight waterproof option, lasting just a few uses. And it protects both ports, so be confident that your handset will finally be charged until you use it.

Water-resistant Nano Coating (DIY)

A nano coat is a positively charged liquid that is impermeable. It is used specifically for waterproof electronics because it can not be penetrated by water.

Nanocoatings may be sprayed or rubbed onto your computer, leaving a small, translucent coating that, when dried, causes water and other liquids to roll off automatically. You can find a DIY  kit online and apply it yourself.

Waterproof Phone Case

If you’d like an artistically appealing option, waterproof phone covers and cases come in several different styles. It’s usually safer to use the handset in these cases than with the Ziploc boxes since they’re smoother on the handset than a plastic container. 

However, before you attempt underwater photography with your camera, remember to check your phone cover’s durability.


If you happen to get your phone damp this season, stay cool and put your smartphone in rice or other absorbent substance for at least one day before trying to turn it back on. This might not work, but it’s certainly worth a try until you head out and buy a new device.

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