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Taking as reference the information of the platform of news CoinDeskone of the large mining companies, Enegix is next, to open a new farm. The centre of mining Bitcoin, will take place in Kazakhstan, near the border with the Russian Federation.

The fact it would be no novelty, taking into account that Kazakhstan is one of the nations that leads the power hash of the Bitcoin in the world. The importance is that, in effect, this is not a farm of mining Bitcoin any.

The facility would have capacity for 50,000 rigs mining. In other words, if those platforms are filled with antminers of the new generation S19 of Bitmain or Whatsminer M30S+ of MicroBT, only this centre of mining Bitcoin, would cover 4% of the total hash rate of Bitcoin.

Dimensions disproportionate to the center of mining Bitcoin

Even though the figures often are unable to recreate a mental image of the magnitude of a project, in this case, the same are so big that make the task even more complex.

Among other information reviewed by the web portal, it is noted that the capacity of electricity consumption of the farm, would be about 180 Megawatts (MW). To have a notion of how much is this consumption, it is sufficient to note that all of the city of Córdoba, Argentina, with nearly 1,500,000 inhabitants, consume 741 MW.

On the other hand, it must be borne in mind that, with all the capacity installed, the center of mining Bitcoin would work with an average of 5 to 6 EH/s. In question, this means, as already outlined, a 4% of all the power of the mining network of Bitcoin.

The centre of mining Bitcoin of Enegix in Kazakhstan, would occupy 4% of the hash rate total current of Bitcoin.
The hash current rate of Bitcoin is 125 EH/s, of which the centre of mining Enegix would occupy 4%. Source:

Other centres operated

The company Enegix, in charge of installing the above-mentioned center of mining Bitcoin in Kazakhstan, currently owns two farms. The largest of them, is located in Ekibastuz, according to statements from its director of sales, Dmitriy Ivanov.

Another important aspect is that the centre of mining Bitcoin would employ almost two hundred of people to operate the farm. The staff would be engineers, electricians and managers of surveillance and security.

Also, the plant would be mining Bitcoins for the month of September of the present year 2020. The start of construction of the same, is raised for the month of August.

Cheap electricity

Kazakhstan, according to data from the Center of Finance Alternatives of the University of Cambridgeranks fourth in the power of hash installed. Within its borders, is mine the 6.17 per cent of all the Bitcoins produced in the world and is just below Russia, a nation that occupies the third place with 6,90%.

The importance of Kazakhstan within the top ten mining Bitcoin, is due to the low energy prices in the nation. This makes it a very attractive place for companies that want to take full advantage of its centres of mining Bitcoin.

The low cost of the electric service in this nation eurasian, is because the production far exceeds the demand. It is a country of 18 million people, which exports electricity to its neighbors.

The national energy company, explained Ivanov, has never worked to the maximum of their capacity, since this would mean a waste of electricity.

Data to be taken into consideration

  • With the maximum capacity installed, the new center of mining Bitcoin of Enegix, it would work with 5-6 EH/s, that is to say, the 4% of the global power current hash of Bitcoin.
  • The farm of Bitcoin of Enegix would have a power consumption equivalent to 1/4 part of the consumption of Córdoba, the argentinean city of almost 1,500,000 inhabitants.
  • According to statements from its head of sales, Enegix would begin to build the farm this month of August and the same would be finalized in September, the month in which would begin to mine bitcoins.
  • The cost of energy in Kazakhstan are stable throughout the year, unlike China where the value of the Kilowatt/hour varies depending on the season.

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