Ripple price forecast: XRP/USD slips 7 percent and fall below $0,28


The crypto market is currently in a battle between bulls and bears. After the market leader Bitcoin could be overcome in the course of the week, first of all, the resistance at $ 12,000 and up to almost 12,500 Dollar climbed, it came in the consequence to a significant correction. This led to the BTC/USD back below the 12,000 mark, but deep in the $ 11,000 range. Only in the case of 11,300 dollars, BTC/USD found a support. In the meantime, has stabilized the currency and moves on today’s trading day is constant in the course area between 11.500 and 11.650 dollars.


Now it will show whether the bulls can re-take command and once again try to overcome the 12,000 mark permanently. For this purpose, could talk, that Bitcoin, despite the recent correction above $ 11,000 could hold. So that the General could remain upward trend is intact and the Rally from the end of July to be continued until the beginning of August soon. On the other hand, the bears may try to push BTC/USD below $ 11,000, and a stronger correction phase. The decision about the further Trend is likely to fall soon.

The most important facts about the XRP/USD exchange rate development

In the Wake of the Bitcoin investors of XRP this week, a mountain – and descent experienced. After XRP/USD was able to rise to 0.33 dollars, and almost the high for the year from February 2020 reached, it arrived yesterday, a correction to 0.27 dollars. In the meantime, has stabilized XRP/USD is at 0.28 on the Dollar.

We consider the most important facts about the price of XRP/USD in the past trading week:

  • The rate maximum in the past week was 0,3253 dollars on the 17. August at 20:00 CET.
  • The course minium of the trading week, reaching XRP/USD on 22. August at 02:18 PM CET when 0,2758 dollars.
  • The Course of the past week is 0,3055 dollars.

Thus, the XRP/USD rate is currently trading slightly above the week’s lows. The market capitalization of XRP has fallen in the past 24 hours to more than 219,5 million dollars. It amounts now to a total 12,578 billion dollars. So XRP is in the Ranking of the most valuable crypto-currencies-on the 3 and had to let the Stablecoin Tether to go by, the benefited from the General weakness in the crypto market. Many investors are dissolved in the Wake of the BTC/USD exchange rate slide of your positions and protect your Investment in Stablecoin.

XRP/USD: the year has not reached the high yet

XRP is part of the crypto-currencies that have not achieved in spite of the upswing of the past few weeks, her high for the year in front of the Corona Crash. However, the Top-currencies, Ethereum and Bitcoin, as well as many other of the most important Altcoins, your best value is exceeded in 2020, for a long time.

Positively formulated, could XRP have so much potential for price increases in 2020. The year should be achieved a high of 0,3333 Dollar, are likely to be in focus as the next target the highs from the previous year at more than 0.47 Dollar in the eye. In the distance the all-time seems, however, to be high. This dated back to the 7. January 2018 at a value of 3.40 dollars. From this level, XRP/USD is currently just under 1.080 percent. The chances of a return seem to be so high, if XRP/USD continues to soon resume its upward trend.

Investors should keep a as always, the courses in the view, to be able to react in time.

The course information in the article is based on the crypto-currency chart from CoinMarketCap at the time of article publication.


Image source: Photo of marcoverch

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