Certified translation of Portuguese Marriage Certificate into English

Certified translation of Portuguese Marriage Certificate into English

A certified translation services is considered to be the translation of a document, such as marriage or birth certificate, intended to be used for official purposes. The legal documents should be translated by a qualified translator, who has to be a member of a professional association, so you don’t have to compromise on the services guaranteeing the correct translation. English is the official language in London, which is spoken by around 98% of the population, and all the documentation in London is done in the English language as well. It is important to have a marriage certificate in English in London because a marriage certificate is an important document translation, which will be needed for many purposes such as immigration, traveling, insurance, loan, and many other things. Portuguese is a rare language and can be used in a specific area of the world. Therefore, in London, it is necessary to have the marriage certificate in English.

Importance of marriage certificate

A marriage certificate is a legal document that contains specific information about the spouses, and it is necessary to have its translated version in English if you are going to use them in London. It includes full names, age, and date of marriage, age at the time of marriage, address and marital status of the couple. A marriage certificate is considered to be the most important document to start a family. The marriage certificate is required for issuing the birth certificates of the children too. Certified translation of Portuguese marriage certificate into English in London is very important because you may need it in every legal proceeding. Even if you are going to remarry, due to any reason like the death of a spouse or in case of a divorce, you must need your old marriage certificate for the next marriage.

The need for a marriage certificate

The importance of marriage certificate and its translation into English was discussed above.  A marriage certificate is required in many cases.  Some of them are discussed below.

A marriage certificate is required for traveling when you are going to apply for the tourist visa or permanent residence. You have to submit a copy of the marriage certificate along with other documents. If you are in London and you want to sponsor your wife for the permanent residence, then the immigration department will demand the marriage certificate for further proceedings. The marriage certificate must be translated into the English language because almost all countries require English version of legal documents and this rule is applicable in London too.

A marriage certificate is helpful when applying for any type of loan, whether you are in London or anywhere around the world. A marriage certificate is proof of your spouse and contains personal information based on which banks can easily offer the loan.

A marriage certificate is important in obtaining health insurance. Your spouse can appoint you as the beneficiary of his/her insurance. The insurance company will ask for your marriage certificate in English for insurance purposes.

Certified translator

For a certified translation agency services of Portuguese marriage certificate into English in London, you will need the certified translator that will assist you in providing the perfect translated version of your marriage certificate, so you don’t suffer any problem in legal proceedings in London. The translator must have a strong grip in Portuguese and English languages along with the certified training in the translation field, so he/she can easily translate the marriage certificate into English.

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