Easy Ways That You Can Help A New Employee Immigrating To The US


You always want to make sure that your new employees feel at home as quickly as possible, but there are always specific issues that arise when they have arrived from another country. If you are looking to bring in a team member into the US and make them feel like part of the team, here are a few things that you can do.

Establish Open Lines Of Communication

Talk to your prospective employee about the legal issues that they may face in order to come and work with you. Talk them through the process and set out as clear a timetable as you can. Remind them that things are getting easier for people coming to the US but nothing is certain until a visa is approved.

Know What Kind Of Visa They Need

Contact your business lawyer about which specific visa the employee should be applying for. Find out what documentation and evidence is required of you. For instance, if you are bringing in an employee for seasonal agricultural work, they should apply for an H-2A visa, often referred to as an agricultural visa. The conditions for this visa include providing the employee with temporary housing and transportation from their housing to the job site. You need to prove that the employment is agricultural and for no longer than 10 months.

Help Them Get Acquainted With The Area

Give your new employees information about the local region and any specific cultural customs that they may not be aware of. Prepare them for the weather and climate in your region. There is always a period of adjustment when you move to a new country. Encouraging them to embrace their new surroundings will help them feel at home more quickly.

Give Them Clear Goals To Work Towards

Create a clear list of objectives that they can get started on immediately. This will help them keep focus while navigating issues such as language barriers and cultural differences. If communication is a potential issue, incorporate that into their goals. 

Make Time For Them Outside Of Work

Invite your new employee to your team-building exercises and employee activities. Talk to them about their interests and suggest leisure activities in the area that they might enjoy. Making the time to take them out to dinner and meeting their family will make a difference. Their mental health should be a priority.

Know When To Leave Them To It

Avoid being condescending and trust that they have the skills they need to excel at their job. Give them the framework they need to raise an issue, but don’t press them to voice concerns if there aren’t any. 

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