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EOSFINEX Launches Beta Version of Mainnet, Brings Bitfinex Liquidity to the EOS Community

EOSFINEX Launches Beta Version of Mainnet

Road Town, British Virgin Islands — October 7, 2020 — eosfinex, a high performance, non-custodial digital asset exchange, and portfolio management solution built on EOSIO technology, has officially launched a beta version of its mainnet, bringing Bitfinex liquidity to the EOS community. At launch, Equilibrium’s EOSDT, Everipedia’s IQ and pTokens’ (pBTC, pETH and PLTC) will be listed for immediate trading in addition to other popular large market cap currencies. 

The long-awaited eosfinex mainnet launch promises to play an integral role in helping the EOS community overcome the issue of illiquidity in token trading, a major obstacle to the growth of the EOS community. At launch, eosfinex’s updated architecture and access to Bitfinex liquidity will make it the most liquid non-custodial way to trade on EOS while also representing a key milestone on the way to solving the issue of illiquidity in non-custodial cross-chain digital assets trading.* 

“The introduction of direct access to Bitfinex liquidity will ensure a bright future for the EOS community granting EOS businesses, for the first time, the chance to economically trade large orders of EOS, premium EOS-based tokens, tether and other popular currencies,” said Steven Quinn, Product Lead at eosfinex. “We look forward to providing continued support to the EOS community, and its projects.” 

At launch, eosfinex will enable off-chain order matching while custody and settlement will remain on-chain, allowing for a dramatic increase in performance, as trade speeds will not be limited by block times. It will stake on behalf of users to ensure smooth trading, covering the costs of network resources for traders globally. Additionally, eosfinex will retain the security and control of EOSIO’s non-custodial features, enhancing the integrity and stability of trades while reducing costs. With off-chain order matching there will be support for limit orders, which are not possible on standard DEXs, other advanced order types, and filling multiple orders simultaneously. 

“The listing of pTokens on eosfinex marks the first step in what will be a powerhouse partnership to bridge the centralized and decentralized financial worlds,” said Thomas Bertani at pTokens. “We’re excited to watch how this integration will enhance the EOS ecosystem by bringing throughput and a cross-chain decentralized experience to DeFi enthusiasts.” 

“We believe that this listing will increase the crypto community’s interest in DeFi projects based on the EOS blockchain,” said Alex Melikhov, CEO of Equilibrium. “We look forward to and anticipate that by listing on eosfinex, EOSDT adoption will significantly increase as a result of access to professional market participants.” 

“eosfinex is prime to create a non-custodial trading experience that offers the benefits of Bitfinex’s liquidity and software,” Theodor Forselius, CEO of Everipedia. “We look forward to growing the ecosystem together and believe that EOS has the tools, resources, and potential to bring blockchain to the masses through EOSIO technology.”

The launch of eosfinex on the EOS mainnet will provide an opportunity for the EOS community to garner support for EOS projects. EOS traders and community members can look forward to many new initiatives from eosfinex in the coming months, including Rising Tide (eosfinex’s initiative to promote and support the best EOS projects); more digital asset listings such as Tether Gold (XAUt); major cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and Ethereum, and additional premium EOS-based assets. In addition, there will be more opportunities for EOS business and communities to earn through the eosfinex affiliate program. 

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*The statement that eosfinex is the most liquid non-custodial way to trade is based upon data from the CoinGecko at time of publication and The Block Research as of April 2020. Custodial exchanges should be removed from the ranking as well as non-custodial exchanges not on the EOS chain:

About eosfinex

EOSFINEX, a Bitfinex service, is a suite of non-custodial services powered by a hybrid non-custodial digital asset exchange that offers a highly liquid, performant, and robust trading experience built on EOSIO technology. As a decentralized and trustless exchange trading experience developed on a foundation of enhanced security, performance, and integrity, eosfinex facilitates low cost and user-friendly peer-to-peer trading of premium digital assets with the speed of centralized exchanges and the security of trustless blockchain technology.

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