How Angel “AROCK” Castillo Created a DJ’s Best Friend


Angel “AROCK” Castillo has paved the way for DJs  in the new age of  digital music by taking the old concept of a record pool  and recreating it for a new generation of music-makers.

But what’s a “record pool” and how has AROCK revolutionized how record pools work in today’s age of digital music?

According to Wikipedia, 

“A music pool or DJ record pool is a regionalized and centralized method of music distribution that allows DJs (disc jockeys) to receive promotional music to play in nightclubs and other events such as weddings, festivals and on the radio. Record labels worldwide send their newest releases to the pool of DJs; in exchange, the pool provides feedback on each release as well as exposure in the clubs and other venues they play in. DJs typically pay a monthly subscription to join the service provided by these record pools. Music pools originated as vinyl record pools in 1974 New York City, evolved into CD distribution networks, and later online music distribution between DJs (digital pools). A music pool may have a “brick and mortar” office or may be entirely virtualized. (Source: Wiki)

Sensing a need in the market, AROCK began BPM Supreme in 2006, helping to bridge the gap between record labels and DJs by providing DJs access to new music, exclusive content, and more, without the complicated legal  issues arising in our digital age of music. Today, BPM Supreme leads the market in providing new releases, exclusive content, and various versions of new tracks to DJs, giving them the resources they need to create incredible events. 

He explained to People, “It was very difficult for me to source my music and I didn’t have a platform where I could browse, search, preview a song. All the labels sent everything via email, so I wanted to figure out a way to simplify that, not only for myself but for other DJs.” 

“I remember seeing the way the DJ could move the room when I was at a school dance. Just by choosing the right songs and mixing them in a certain way. I was immediately intrigued and knew I wanted to know everything there was to know about the lifestyle,” said AROCK. 

AROCK has been a music lover and DJ since he was a young teenager living in California. As he grew up, he began noticing that it was more difficult to get music content digitally for DJs, as the previous model of record labels contributing music to physical record pools was starting to fade away. 

Once AROCK began BPM Supreme, more and more DJs began noticing the ease by which they could craft the music they wanted without the uncertainty of navigating the digital Wild West in order to get the kind of new music and sounds they needed. 

As review site Digital DJ Tips explains, 

“BPM Supreme is an easy to use and well-stocked record pool aimed at DJs that need chart and open format music… it offers great value, and that includes music video downloads as well.” (Source

With more of a focus on discovery and streaming in the music world, BPM Supreme offers a vast library of downloadable audio designed specifically for DJs. AROCK explained to Thrive Time Show, “Our app is going to revolutionize the way that DJs discover music. Not only will they find everything they already love about BPM Supreme in the app, but they’ll also have access to stream mixes, curated sets, and our entire library in HQ from anywhere.” (Source

He explains some of his journey in creating BPM Supreme to Thrive Global:

“When I first created BPM Supreme, the technology was brand new and a lot of people just didn’t understand what I was trying to create. It took about two years to completely develop the digital download platform, and then even longer to begin marketing and creating the brand you see today. There were moments when I wasn’t sure if what I was doing would work but something told me to just keep going. Now it’s been about 20 years in the industry and I can’t imagine my life any other way.” 

BPM Supreme doesn’t just give on-demand tunes to DJs, but also supplies valuable content like workshops, listening sessions, industry news, and other tools for DJs. AROCK also leads the brand’s two other music subscription services, BPM Latino, a Latin music-focused download service, and BPM Create, an online sample library built for music production.

AROCK told DJ Booth in a recent interview, “What makes us stand apart is not only the quality of the content and platform usability but also our passion for merging technology and music. We are always looking for ways to improve functionality and add more useful features. We want to build on our successes and continuously evolve the platforms. Ultimately, our goal is for producers and DJs to use BPM’s platforms daily. We want to be a go-to resource for building a successful music career… I am so proud to be advancing the culture with technology, innovation, and creative freedom for music makers. We want to build them up and be a support system. I think that’s going to be the legacy: Helping DJs, producers, musicians, and the music community to create music, play music, succeed in their careers, and, most of all, be heard,” AROCK continued in DJ Booth

You can keep up with AROCK on Instagram, Facebook, and Audiomack.


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