Express your love for baseball beyond the ballpark


Alongside the Statue of Liberty and hotdogs, the sport of baseball is one of the most enduring and recognizable symbols of the USA, and has a long and distinguished history in the country. This is with good reason, as it is the third most popular sport in the US, behind American football and basketball. So, if you are an ardent Boston Red Sox or New York Yankees supporter, or indeed a fan of any other baseball team, how can you show your devotion after the season has ended? Here is how you can express your love for baseball beyond the ballpark.

Play fantasy baseball

Every baseball fan has fantasized about being the manager of their own dream team, featuring legendary players from across the generations from Babe Ruth to Cody Bellinger. 

With fantasy baseball, you can do exactly that. Though now played primarily online and on apps, fantasy baseball does in fact have its origins in the days before computers became a ubiquitous part of the home. Rotisserie baseball got its start in 1980 by a group of friends, who worked together in the media, who held the first draft at their favorite restaurant, La Rotisserie Francaise in Manhattan. Rotisserie baseball is still played today and is recognized by many as the beginning of modern fantasy baseball.

Join an online forum

One of the most pleasurable things about following baseball is discussing it with fellow enthusiasts. However, what can you do if you are the only person among your acquaintances who follows baseball, or if your family has gotten sick of you constantly talking about it? Joining an online baseball forum, such as, will provide you with a ready-made community of fellow baseball enthusiasts in a low-noise setting in which you can take part in serious and respectful conversations without the stress of trolls being around. Alternatively, you might decide to participate in discussions on social media sites, such as Twitter, particularly in real-time reaction to games. Just remember to keep interactions respectful and try not to get riled up by those users who are purposefully looking for controversy.

Invest in merchandise

Merchandise is a great way of expressing your love for your favorite baseball team beyond the season. An official replica jersey is an essential; look for one featuring the name and number of your favorite player, or personalize it with your own name. 

Baseball jerseys are available in the traditional oversized fit, or find a women’s jersey for one that is more fitted. A traditional baseball cap is another great way of expressing your baseball loyalty in your everyday wardrobe, and is an essential accessory to keep the sun off your head and out of your eyes during the summer months. For more unusual merchandise, search online for rare collectibles and memorabilia, such as a commemorative bat or framed jersey that has been signed by your favorite player. These make sporty additions to your home décor.

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