Farms mining Bitcoin in Iran are white snitches and police


A new offensive of the authorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran is being carried out. This time, the same points against the farms illegal mining Bitcoin. For this purpose, have the cooperation of complainants who are paid a reward.

According to the authorities, persians, has managed to close some 1,100 farms mining Bitcoin that do not have permits to operate. The campaign of rewards to informers, it seems to be giving very good results.

It should be taken into consideration that Iran is ranked number 6 in the ranking of mining countries. This, according to the list of Center of Finance Alternatives of the University of Cambridge. In consequence, Iran is only surpassed by China, USA, Russia, Kazakhstan, and Malaysia.

Campaign for the closure of farms, of mining Bitcoin

It should be noted that Iran, as they have an enormous amount of centers of mining Bitcoin, you have difficulties to determine which ones are legal and which are not. Also, it is a large country with an industrial capacity, which complicates the search.

Against this, the authorities have undertaken a campaign of rewards. The same are offered to those people who know how to farm illegal mining Bitcoin and decide to criticize them.

In that sense, Mostafa Rajabi Mashhadi, deputy director of the state company of electric service, (Tavanir), cited by mediasaid that earlier “it was impossible to locate and determine the location of the farms mining Bitcoin”that were illegally in the country.

For this reason, since July, decided to offer up to $2,400 to the people who inform the authorities on mining activities. Since then, he explains, the complaints became frequent and have been closed to date, some 1,100 farms.

Farms illegal mining Bitcoin are being persecuted by the Iranian authorities.
The government of Iran has started a strong campaign to close farms illegal mining Bitcoin. Source: The Country

Recent legality

This year, the persecutions of the mining of Bitcoin in general, they ended up in Iran. Thus, the authorities legalized the business and under certain permits and licenses, regulatory, miners can exercise their activity.

On the other hand, companies from China, as reported recently in CriptoTendencia, they would be opening facilities with the approval of Tehran. Consequently, all this suggests that the decentralization of the mining Bitcoin in China, could have one of their points of arrivals in Iran.

However, with the legalization, came special rates for the miners. The electric bills for those who are devoted to the mining Bitcoin, are not the same for those who perform other types of business.

This situation has pushed many miners do not feel comfortable with the prices and move on to the underground. In that sense, we have reported on farms mining Bitcoin underground, which seek to escape the control of the authorities and avoid paying the high taxes.

Methods very clever

Mashhadi, explained that the operators of farms illegal mining Bitcoin, have used methods very clever to escape the watchful eye of the Persian State. Some, he stressed, they build up their farms in agricultural centers in which the power consumption is high. Thus, their actions go unnoticed.

At this level of complexity, the cooperation of the people is fundamental to act against those who violate the law and commit fraud against the nation, he said. Iran is not the only country in which the miners do any thing to evade taxes.

In China, for example, have been no known cases in which it is installed farms mining Bitcoin illegal, under cemeteries or under kennels. The tunnels seem to be a good place to hide.

Data to be taken into consideration

  • Since July, the Iranian authorities offered high rewards to people who reveal themselves to the operators of farms illegal mining Bitcoin.
  • Since the legalization of mining digital, the Persian State has issued about 1,000 licenses to miners.
  • The low-cost electric of Iran attract miners from all over the world. But the low cost of electricity, they are only privileges for those who operate illegally.
  • Until this year, the mining Bitcoin was a prohibited activity in Iran. Now, in the country to speak up to create a digital currency sovereign.

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