Tech stocks: corporations do not prepare for the scenario that Trump recognizes the choice


In the case of Facebook and other Tech companies in specific preparations for the case are already up and running, that Donald Trump is the choice of the 3. November doesn’t recognize it. The “Star” reported. Accordingly, the President stressed several times already, that he will watch the results very carefully, and that he fear was a choice.


Facebook not working daily with the question of how you should proceed, if Trump accepts the choice, the star, citing the “New York Times”. The Social Media giant is concerned that Facebook as a Propaganda Instrument can be abused. One possible measure is a so-called “Kill Switch” is. This set, at a stroke, all the political Ads.

Facebook is not alone

Meanwhile, other Tech companies are facing the same Problem. So, too, Twitter, and Youtube to advise on the possible consequences of such an approach. Twitter admitted to the New York Times that they are working on it, “to understand the possible consequences and dangers for the public discussion“.

The US election puts the Internet giant in front of a challenge of unprecedented proportions, said Alex Stamos, in his capacity of head of the “Internet Observatory”. In his opinion, it could be that the Tech companies were in the Situation, “to have the US President as a culprit treat“.

Tech share price development Overview

While the Tech giants are facing uncertain waters. Nevertheless, While many sectors are considerable under the effects of the Corona-crisis, of the Social-Media-sizes relatively easy. Here, the development of the top dogs in the 6-month review:

Whether and to what extent the US election have an impact on the prices of the Tech stocks, it seems, meanwhile, is still uncertain.

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