Finding Capital Has Never Been So Easy Before! No Fight For Investors Here!

Finding Capital Has Never Been So Easy Before! No Fight For Investors Here

Have you ever imagined that there will be no struggle on your path to the implementation of your dream business idea? The fact that you can be on the other side of the game, whereby investors are trying to catch your attention seems absurd for most of the startups nowadays. However, miracles happen, and you can expect that at AI & Blockchain Summit Startup Competition, whereby the most anticipated startups are treated as valued guests, who have all the right to choose the right investors. 

No need to launch trillions of rounds of crowdfunding and send cold emails to unknown investors! All the necessary opportunities are packed for you at AI & Blockchain Summit! The organizers do your 3-years job in 3 days, whereas you just need to be prepared with your outstanding business ideas! 

The competition will be hosted by InnMind, the Swiss innovation-driven ecosystem that connects VCs, startups and service providers, supported by global accelerators, innovation hubs, active international investors, family offices and funds. Taking place at the largest Smart City Expo World Congress, the startup competition caught the attention of the biggest market players from Europe, USA, UAE, who are coming there to discuss syndicated deals and look for the young projects to strengthen their strategic development. 

The jury board is formed by world-renowned investment organizations, such as Draper University, FinBit Capital, FinForge VC and others, including European Family Office Alliance (uniting the biggest family offices in Europe with a common goal to find the right startups to invest in). 


  • Mentoring and feedback sessions from the top industry experts
  • Face-to-face meetings with investors, potential business partners, and customers
  • Pitch competition
  • Facilitated networking
  • Planning and scheduling every second of the representatives’ days to seize all the opportunities and not to lose any single deal. 



  • Partial scholarship of $2000 for each winning startup organized by Draper University;
  • Fundraising round using the InnMind investment engine (syndicate funding round with the most active European investors, family offices and VCs);
  • Investments from partners of the AI & Blockchain Summit, as well as additional mentoring, business development and fundraising support from InnMind together with top industry experts from Tech Accelerators.

What are the other opportunities? By participating in this spectacular event, the startups automatically expose their brand and become the number one buzzed topic across the top news outlets and world-class magazines. The organizers value every startup coming and support it by using a strong network power, announcing the participation and reaching 15000+ funds, VCs and angel investors for additional business development. 

InnMind carefully selects every promising participant, but once selected the opportunities are limitless and the floor is all yours. If you are one of those innovative and tech-oriented startups, apply now and be amongst the ones to succeed. 


Apply to participate in the Startup Competition here

Learn more about AI & Blockchain Summit



AI & Blockchain Summit Startup Competition at Smart City World Congress

19-21 November 2019

Hall 2, A200

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