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GAIN Expo, May 04-05, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


04-05 May in Amsterdam will be held the first event dedicated to innovation in the gaming  industry. 

The exhibition will feature over 50 exhibitors who want to share their innovative products and  developments. 

How to use it? What is the interest? Why do you need to integrate it into your business now? 

Take everything you have about NFT, AI, Metaverse, and AI – register and participate in the  biggest innovation platform around the gaming industry. 

In Two-day event will take part: 

  • key software manufacturers 
  • game developers 
  • blockchain tech providers 
  • IT solutions 
  • producers and many others 
  • investors  
  • gaming operators  
  • AI services providers 
  • DeFi Companies 
  • gaming equipment manufacturers 

GAIN Expo it’s all about innovations: 

The latest developments, IT Trends & Predictions, and game premieres will be released at the  expo. 

Networking before, during and after the Event! 

We create the business platform to connect both sides of the gaming business: from developers  to operators. 

Conference within GAIN Expo as an educational part of the event. The schedule is designed in a  way that every participant from the gaming market will find it useful to visit the conference 

  • analysis of recent cases 
  • new innovation ideas 
  • affection of innovations on the growth of your business and their importance · is innovation a must-have or the main part for engaging consumers

Our speakers are decision-makers from around the world. They will gather in one place to  discuss only one theme – innovations in the game market: AI, Blockchain, Metaverse, Cloud  technologies, Web 3.0, NFT projects, and much else. 

Visitors will find: 

  • inspiration for new discoveries and opportunities 
  • novelties to implement them 
  • new market possibilities 

Some of the topics that will be covered by the speakers in May: 

  • VR in Gaming Industry from 2020 to 2023. What has changed? The coming AGE of VR · Increase in the number of VR users. How much will the number of involved players grow?  · VR is the key marketing instrument to attract new final consumers in the gaming industry · Combining future VR technology with available products. Is it really necessary?  · The Next Generation. In a few years – VR technology would be must-have to survive for  business 
  • Growth the potential of Machine Learning. Opportunities and challenges related to AI in  Gaming. 
  • B2B relationships in the Gaming industry. Using AI and it influence on customer contentment · Start building an integrated AI system, do not forget about unintended consequences.  Examples and cases. 
  • NFT in Gaming space. Needs. Possibilities. Effects. 
  • NFT-based Gaming products and services. Compliance with new consumer needs. · Play-to-Earn model. Current degree in the industry. Opportunities that have become available. · New utility for creating metaverse – NFT. Construct, implement, and get involved. · Moving from Web2 to Web3 with new games launch. 
  • What is the new role of Decentralized finance, cryptocurrency, NFT in the Gaming market? 

2 days, 2 stages, 35+ speakers! 

This May 2023 will be rich in setting the trends for the next two-three years!

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