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GCC ICT Companies to come together in a Unified Pavilion at GITEX Global


ICT companies from across the GCC are participating for the first time in the GCC  Pavilion at GITEX 2022, the largest technology exhibition and conference in the  Middle East, scheduled to take place from October 10 to 14 at the World Trade  Center in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 

The GCC Pavilion aims to bring together the biggest ICT companies from diverse  fields under one roof. The aim is to pave the way for cooperation among them,  implement joint ventures, and increase their share in the ICT market in the GCC countries, which is reported to be $33 billion in Saudi Arabia, $20 billion in the UAE,  and almost the rest of the Gulf countries combined. 

The pavilion also aims to showcase the potential and capabilities of the GCC IT  companies to the global market. Especially since GITEX is witnessing the  participation of the pavilions of major countries such as the United States of  America, Germany, India and Japan, as the merger or integration between GCC companies enhances their competitiveness and ability to meet the needs of the  local, Gulf, and international markets. 

The GCC Pavilion is expected to reflect the boundless achievements of GCC countries in terms of digital transformation and building a knowledge economy,  and the extent to which they contribute to increasing levels of productivity and  competitiveness and developing new mechanisms to access government e 


The pavilion also provides a platform for officials and decision-makers in the public  and private sectors of the Arab Gulf States to meet and discuss enhancing digital  integration efforts between those countries and to benefit from joint expertise in  terms of cybersecurity, software industry, automation, digital transformation, and  other areas of mutual interest. 

The GCC Pavilion at GITEX Global is organized by WorkSmart for Events  Management, a company based in the Kingdom of Bahrain with branches and  representatives in various Gulf countries.

The Senior Events Manager of WorkSmart, Mr. Muktar Mirza, said that the initiative  to organize a unified pavilion for technology companies at GITEX aims to enhance  the efforts of Gulf integration in the field of technology and the knowledge  economy and to indicate what GCC ICT companies offer in this field, in addition to  supporting these companies in their efforts to expand, grow and increase market  share. 

Mirza added that WorkSmart has been facilitating the participation of Bahraini ICT companies in one national pavilion at GITEX for the last 15 years seamlessly, and is  achieving increasing success year after year, and added, “We confirm that we will  harness all our accumulated experience over the past years in order to ensure that  businesses of Gulf ICT companies achieve their desired objectives from their  participation in GITEX which reflects positively on the development and expansion  plans.” 

Mr. Muktar Mirza stressed that by participating together in one GCC Pavilion,  companies will get more visibility interest from visitors, and enjoy an advantage  over their competitors as the national pavilions provide a favorable opportunity for  exhibition participants to explore new markets without investing a lot of time,  money, and effort. 

Should you be interested in taking advantage of exhibiting and presenting your  products or services under the GCC pavilion, please contact us at  [email protected] or visit us at for more  information. 

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