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WorkSmart organizes the first edition of the GCC CIO Summit in Dubai


WorkSmart for Events Management has announced its intention to organize the first  edition of the GCC CIO Summit which will take place on Wednesday-Friday, 12-14 October 2022, in parallel with GITEX Global in Dubai. 

This event is exclusively for CIOs only and will bring together the most influential  leaders of technology in the GCC region, and it’s comprised of a 1-day conference along with a 3-day exclusive lounge networking activity. The event will feature  keynote speakers and lecturers that will address technology-driven strategies. 

Participants of this summit will have the opportunity to broaden their network of  CIOs through the event by exchanging ideas and learning about related challenges  while fostering business ties. Additionally, it will present networking possibilities by  enabling interaction with IT leaders in the GCC region to discuss best practices and  potential applications of the most recent technology. 

Mr. Ahmed Al Hujairy, CEO of “WorkSmart”, said that this event, launched from the  Kingdom of Bahrain, and through this event, will bring together the most significant  technology professionals in the area, raising and debating the most current  challenges in the field of technology, including AI, cybersecurity, cloud computing,  smart cities, big data, information networks, software engineering, robotics, and  many other topics. 

“These discussions will center on the realities and development requirements of the  Gulf states, and they will cover the role of the technology sector in supporting other  sectors, including energy, education, health, and transportation.” According to Mr. Al Hujairy 

Mr. Al Hujairy added: “The summit offers a good chance to learn about the various  government and private entities in the Gulf states’, “digital agenda” and what  changes have occurred as a result of significant global changes over the previous  two years, such as the pandemic, supply chain issues, and unstable geopolitical  conditions in many parts of the world.” 

Mr. Al Hujairy concluded by affirming the significance of this event in highlighting  the efforts of digital transformation in the Arab Gulf states, accelerating digital  investments, and creating institutions that are tailored to the needs of advanced  business, in addition to studying the technical landscape of the region and providing 

strategically supportive services to institutions to help them transform into digitally  flexible institutions. 

For inquiries, please email [email protected] or call +973 1771 7200. 

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