Google shares: group threatens billion penalty for illegal data collection


Millions of Americans have joined a class-action lawsuit against Google. This is the Reuters news Agency reported. The lawsuit was filed on Tuesday in Federal court in San Jose, California. The users, with to feel of the search engine operator spied on, even the incognito mode will be used to collect data for advertising purposes, so your line of reasoning. The class-action suit could reach a volume of up to 5 billion US dollars.

Google is accused of collecting through its subsidiaries, Analytics and Ad Manager and other Plug-Ins from those users who have set their settings to “private”. Meanwhile, the Tech-group-denies all the allegations. “We enter each Time you clear, if you open a new incognito tab, that web sites may collect about Browser activity information“ how Google spokesman Jose Castaneda asserts.

Users feel Google betrayed

The plaintiffs also stress that Google could even draw conclusions on the most intimate and potentially embarrassing things. The search engines had become an uncontrolled accumulation of information. With a reference to the novel “1984” emphasized in the statement of claim, “that George Orwell would not have imagined“.

Google uses the data to set individualized advertising. The class action includes, however, “Millions of users” the search engine since 1. June 2016 the incognito mode use. Specifically, the plaintiffs see in this fact a violation of various anti-eavesdropping-laws of the Federation, as well as California privacy laws. The claim amounts to $ 5,000 each in damages. There are potentially very many people are affected, could be billion-to-cost on Google.

Google share price development Overview

Within the last week the price of Google shares fell by roughly 1 percent. In the month in review is a Plus, however. Here, the gain fails with 4.9 percent to beech. Whether the action has an impact on the value of paper to keep in your Share account, will, however, show yet.

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