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Hernia Complications And How To Deal With Them?

How to deal with hernia complications

A hernia occurs when an organ or a part of an organ pushes through the muscles holding it in place. This happens when the surrounding tissues or muscles are weak, creating an opening for the hernia to protrude. During the Hernia issues, it is advisable to consult a hernia specialist nearby your location.

Hernias do not usually heal on their own. The size of the bulge may reduce due to some remedies and lifestyle changes but these do not guarantee permanent relief. Only proper treatment by a laparoscopic surgeon can cure the condition effectively.

Like any other medical condition, a hernia requires timely medical intervention. A hernia may not have direct fatal implications, but the consequences of delaying hernia treatment can be quite severe. When left untreated or the treatment is delayed for a long time, dreaded hernia complications can arise.

Hernia complications when the condition is neglected for a long time:

  1. Excessive pressure on the neighboring tissues – Delay in hernia repair can cause the bulge to grow. This not only aggravates the hernia symptoms but also puts excessive pressure on the surrounding tissues. This can lead to swelling and inflammation in these tissues and cause severe pain in the abdomen.
  2. Incarcerated hernia – This is also known as an obstructed hernia. The organ or its part gets trapped between the muscles of the abdominal wall and cannot be easily pushed back into its original position. This may cause difficulty in bowel movement. If proper treatment is not done, an incarcerated hernia can turn into a strangulated hernia.
  3. Strangulated hernia – In rare and severe cases, the part of the hernia protruding through the muscles can get clamped between the muscles. As a result, the blood supply to the strangulated part is cut off. This causes severe symptoms like bloody stools, acute and severe pain, vomiting, nausea, etc. In the absence of immediate treatment, the strangulated tissues can die and release toxins.

How to deal with hernia complications?

The only way to deal with hernia complications is to immediately undergo surgical treatment. The aforementioned complications of hernia can be potentially fatal if the surgery is delayed further.

There are two types of surgeries to treat hernia:

  1. Open hernia surgery – Open hernia surgery is the conventional mode for hernia repair. The procedure involves a number of major incisions to be carried out near the site of the hernia. The surgeon then pushes the displaced organ back into place and sews the incisions back using sutures.
    Open surgery is quite invasive in nature. Due to this, the patient may experience pain and discomfort in the recovery period. Also, the chances of infections or complications are significant and the recovery period may stretch over a couple of weeks.
  2. Laparoscopic hernia surgery – Laparoscopic hernia repair technique is a modern procedure that is minimally invasive in nature. In this procedure, the surgeon works through a few minor incisions in the abdominal area.
    Through one of these incisions, the surgeon inserts a camera-fitted laparoscope into the abdominal cavity. The laparoscope allows the surgeon to clearly visualize the area under surgery.
    Other surgical instruments are used to push the hernia back into place. A surgical mesh is then placed to hold and strengthen the surrounding tissues and the incisions are closed off using a few sutures.

Can some complications occur even after hernia surgery?

Yes, in some cases, the patient may face complications after hernia surgery. The complications arise if the surgery is not properly performed or the patient fails to follow the postoperative instructions of the doctor.

Some of the common hernia surgery complications are:

  • Infected wound
  • Blood clots
  • Urine retention
  • Pain and swelling
  • Hernia recurrence

Note – These complications of hernia operation can be avoided to a great extent by opting for the advanced laparoscopic procedure. It is a state-of-the-art procedure that enables the patient to recover faster without any hiccups. These days, many healthcare providers offer this modern hernia repair treatment. Thus, it is an easy task to get the laparoscopic treatment done near you.

How to deal with complications after hernia surgery?

In case of extreme pain due to any of the earlier mentioned postoperative complications of hernia, immediate medical attention is a must. Visit the doctor for a thorough assessment. The doctor will prescribe medications according to the severity of the condition. Also, do not indulge in self-medication as it may cause more harm than imparting relief.

Along with the medications prescribed by the doctor, follow these tips to hasten the recovery:

  • Do not lift heavy objects or indulge in physically straining activities that can aggravate the pain and inflammation.
  • Keep yourself hydrated and drink plenty of healthy fluids such as coconut water, fresh juices, etc.
  • Avoid having heavy and spicy foods that can cause diarrhea or constipation.
  • Change the dressing at regular intervals as advised by the doctors.
  • Wear only loose and comfortable clothes to prevent friction and sweating at the incision site.
  • Other than the ointments recommended by the doctor, do not use anything else on the sutures.

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Bottom Line

If you too have been looking for ways to get rid of a hernia, get in touch with Pristyn Care. They have a team of the best hernia specialists across the country and have partnered with reputed multispeciality hospitals. You can schedule an appointment with one of their specialists in your locality for expert consultation regarding hernia treatment. A proactive approach and proper treatment would help prevent the complications of hernia.

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