Hong Kong Bitcoin advertising “Bitcoin will never let you down”: a Protest against China-friendly government?


To make advertising for the Bitcoin, seems to be the Trend. After Grayscale has released a try with a promotional clip on the history of money in the American media, is now the Hong Kong tabloid Apple Daily on it. The magazine launched a Bitcoin ad.


It’s time to return to the banking system?

The Slogan the advertising is “Bitcoin will never let you down”. Then it’s about what the oldest crypto-currency is actually. Instructions to buy or trade for the reader, however. Furthermore, the reader is not expected but a Slogan in Cantonese, which reads “banks, her now let me down. I’ll leave you in the lurch.“ Similarly, the Cantonese document shows, the Pseudonym of the Creator of Bitcoins, Satoshi Nakamoto.

In the case of the advertising of the Hong Kong newspaper, therefore, there is no clearly targeted audience in mind. Neither certain, nor certain BTC investors are explicitly addressed. Furthermore, it is not a Bitcoin related service, to which the reader could respond.

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Arrest at Apple Daily

10. August was arrested the CEO of Apple Daily, Jimmy Lai. The billionaire is alleged to have against the law for the national security of Hong Kong failed. May be it is a blow against the pro-democratic faction in Hong Kong.

In terms of advertising, is to read: “Bitcoin is digital money. He is neither issued by a government or by a company or controlled. No one can prevent you from working through the network of shops, and it can not be taken out of operation. Bitcoin is available to anyone, regardless of nationality, gender or Faith. Bitcoin began with the Genesis Block in the financial crisis in 2009. Now his time is coming.“

On the relevant Trading platforms Bitcoins with a credit card, for example, buy. Little wonder that the newspaper enjoys great popularity in Hong Kong at the moment.

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