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How a New Mom Can Save Money on Their Newborn

New Mom Can Save Money

As excited as you might be to welcome your baby son or daughter into the world, you might worry if you can afford all the items you will need. While newborns are expensive, there are options available to help new parents save a substantial sum. 

With a little research and some clever tactics, you could slash the cost of the essentials to ensure your little one has every item they need. Find out how a new mom can save money on their newborn.

A Free Breast Pump via Your Insurance

Are you planning to breastfeed your baby? If so, you will be pleased to learn that you could be entitled to a free breast pump through insurance. Many new moms are eligible for a free breast pump via a qualifying health plan, and you can choose from various options and brands to match your needs and preference.

Request Samples from Your Pediatrician

Baby products can cost a significant amount of money over time. Care for your bank balance by asking your pediatrician for free samples. They might be more than happy to provide you with various freebies, such as eczema cream, diapers, formula, or bath products. 

Create a Baby Registry

You can guarantee your loved ones will want to spoil your newborn with gifts once they arrive in the world. Lower your expenses by creating a baby registry, which you can mention to your friends or family when they ask for gift ideas. It will allow you to tick off an essential item, and your loved one will feel happy to have made a helpful contribution to your growing family.

Choose Convertible Items

Take your pick of convertible baby products from various retailers. For example, you can buy a crib that can convert into a toddler bed, as it will save you money once your little one is two or older. Also, you could choose a highchair that transforms into a booster seat or a car seat that turns into a mini stroller at the click of a button.

Pick Basic Clothing

Designer clothing is wasted on newborns as they grow rapidly, especially during the first two years of life. Most people will not look at the label when holding your baby, which is why you should swap designer brands for basic clothing. 

Your baby will look adorable in any item of clothing, and all that matters is that they are warm, clean, and cared for each day. The tactic could save your family hundreds of dollars throughout the year without compromising on your baby’s health and happiness.

Use Discount Codes When Shopping Online

Savvy shopping can slash the cost of baby essentials. Don’t spend a penny more than necessary by using the various discount codes available for popular and lesser-known retailers. It could help you tick off every item on your list quickly while protecting your family’s finances. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to retailers’ email newsletters to receive VIP discounts and exclusive deals in your inbox.

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