How Athletes Keep Their Head in the Game All Year Round

How Athletes Keep Their Head in the Game All Year Round

In many ways, Athletes seem to be superhuman beings who are able to achieve tremendous feats. This is definitely not easy and not everyone is able to do the exact same things as an athlete. However, in many cases, it all boils down to how good an individual is when it comes to staying mentally healthy. In theory, anyone has the potential of becoming an exceptional athlete but to do that you will definitely need to have your head in the game at all times.

Having your head in the game simply means keeping your mental health in check, something that is extremely important for one’s overall health as well as their success as athletes. To achieve all the greatness that you are capable of, you may need some pointers who in this case are the athletes and sportspeople themselves. Now, how exactly do they get to keep mentally fit all year round?

Constantly Boosting Their Self Confidence

Needless to say, efficacy is one of the most important things in the world of sports and athletics. In fact, it is largely considered to be the most important motivation for great performances. Self-efficacy is directly tied to one’s self-confidence as well as self-esteem. Sports can generally be very fast-paced and difficult activities which makes succeeding without a healthy dose off self-confidence or self-esteem virtually impossible.

According to one of the ways that athletes build their self-confidence is by practicing self-compassion. This not only helps the athletes to better take care of their beings but also allows them to build the fortitude that is essential for surviving disappointments. In sports and athletics disappointment are quite common but they need to look past all that failure and try to be in their best mental state for the next challenge. Also, try to avoid giving in to bad thoughts.

Setting Goals

Staying focused on achieving certain set goals is one of the key ways through which athletes keep their heads in the game. It is quite easy to be distracted by such things as competition, fear of failure or even excitement – this is definitely not good for success as an athlete. So, in order to perform as best as they can, the athletes employ goal-setting strategies to help them come up with two kinds of goals:

  • Performance Goals. – These are often self-referenced which means that the goal that is set is a personal target. For instance, the athlete will aspire to achieve a new personal best which is an indicator of improvement.
  • Process Goals. – These, on the other hand, are mainly geared towards the technical elements that are key to the athlete’s success. In essence, they provide a framework that athletes follow in order to successfully achieve any given goal they have set.

Mastering Balance

For quite a long time, being a professional athlete mostly meant that there was too much emphasis on the professional side of things. As a result, there was a significant deterioration in other aspects of their lives. Several studies have found that a balance between all these aspects results in the best outcomes. Athletes have been able to achieve a lot of success thanks to the mental toughness that often results from a balanced life.

Mastering balance also applies to the training activities themselves. Contrary to what some people may believe, overtraining does not necessarily translate to better performance. While the body may seem to be adapting to it, mental health will certainly take a huge hit. To improve their mental wellness, athletes now take as much rest as possible and stay hydrated to ensure the body has time to recover.

Social Support

Sports and athletics are very demanding which makes a great social support structure very important. To begin with, athletes often surround themselves with people that have the same visions as them in order to stay focused. With such a social circle, they are able not only able to learn important things about their journeys but also get the motivation to keep them fired up.

Moreover, great social support structures help athletes to overcome fears and even get over failures. Sometimes it can be quite overwhelming for them to try and cope with all the pressure themselves. A great circle of friends and family are often the best at helping them to keep a level head.

Emotional Self-Awareness

While social structures are, without a doubt, very important, many athletes also understand that they need to be able to regulate their emotions by themselves. Achieving emotional self-awareness helps them to not only be healthy mentally but also boost their performance in the games or sports they participate in.

Fortunately, there are thousands of resources available to help them develop routines that get them in the right frame of mind.

Eating Healthy

We are what we eat. Every athlete has a diet that they are meant to stick to in order to stay fit and perform. Your mental health also significantly benefits from your healthy diet. A number of studies have proven that certain types of food or diet have the potential to influence our emotions in different ways. That said, in order to keep their head in the game, the athletes will always be working towards maintaining the very best diets they can find.

The Take-Away

You do not have to be an athlete in order to consider maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It is important for everyone to be fit and healthy. Mental health has been a key global concern over the past few years and its potential in boosting performance and general quality of life is beginning to get noticed more than ever before. A lot more will be done to improve people’s mental health across the world but before then, you can try out these handy tips for a start.

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