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How Much Should You Score To Rank Good In Your NEET Test?


NEET or National Eligibility cum Entrance Test has always been a topic of great expectation from the common crowd, irrespective of their field or profession. Apart from all the controversies and confusion, NEET has been gradually gaining a massive population, with the current number of applicants standing at an overwhelming total of almost 17 lakh candidates, spread out over 3800 examination centres all over the country. 

In the current scenario where the applicant pool is such a vast number that only keeps increasing, scoring a high mark is difficult. So, we need to understand the difference between NEET Result Marks vs Rank. Here are a few things that can help clear out the queries. 

How does the ranking system work?

The ranking system in the NEET exams is different from your actual score and requires you to do a little bit of calculation. This is because the NTA or National Testing Agency, the administering system responsible for all processes related to the NEET exam, tends to release the answer key with the answers to the question paper prior to releasing the actual results. The rank lists are usually put out a little while after the marks are released.

Because of this order of events, candidates often find out their scores before the results are published and end up being biased about whether their score is good enough or not. This has interested several NEET based study projects and set-ups to publish rank predictor and predicted scores.

Projected scores of NEET

It is near impossible to predict the range that a candidate will be ranked at, providing the rapidly changing test environment, especially in the past few years. 

However, using expert techniques and resources from reliable sources, long-standing firms usually manage to come up with a score list that classifies the mark basis for a very good, good, average and low score. These lists often manage to pull through with a few discrepancies, which are not all that significant, thereby making these lists reliable to an extent.

With the current progress, several candidates have even scored the perfect score of 720 on 720 making the rank prediction even more difficult. 

What is a good score in NEET?

This question is purely subjective and is directly related to the college that you are aiming for. Considering the increased number of applicants and using the predicted increase in the cut-off values, one must be able to find the predicted minimal requirement for the particular college. 

For now, experts have suggested that one must at least score over 550 to consider a reasonable window of opportunity and be considered a suitable candidate for the strenuous course of MBBS.

This, however, cannot be entirely true and is not to be trusted completely. Since the cut-off scores for the NEET examination tend to vary by a significant margin every year, it is recommended that you keep in mind an appropriate safety margin to your expected score.

For example, if the sources like the internet or other publishers predict that the cut-off score for a particular year would be around 570, be mindful and add a considerate amount of safety fallback ranging around 15 to 20 marks just in case. This spares the candidate from the additional pressure and stress due to the confusion about the scores being adequate.

Curated lists

The internet currently holds several lists of cut-off scores from previous year examinations. Studying these lists can help get an idea about the range of variation and predict the safety margin that the candidate should consider. 

Going through these lists and noticing the trends of increments and decrements in the scores and percentages allow the person to reed out unnecessary rumours and false data easily, helping them concentrate on authentic data.

Current Trend of NEET 

Experts predict the following scores to be the appropriate ranking for the current scenario with the most recent studies on the cut-off patterns and range.

  • Over 650: Any score higher than 650 on 720 can be considered an exceptionally great score and is a sign of an ease up. On studying previous lists, 650 is predicted to be good enough to secure a seat in critically acclaimed medical schools like Maulana Azad Medical College (MAMC), New Delhi.
  • 630 and more: With a score around 630, one should be able to easily secure a spot in any of the medical colleges in Delhi, which are considered to be the cream of medical education.
  • Above 600: A score around 600-610 is more than enough to get into any colleges claimed to be the best in highly competitive states, NEET- wise. This includes Seth GS, BHU, IMS, GMC Chandigarh, and several other top establishments.
  • Around 590: This score can allow a candidate to claim a seat in top state universities through the All India Quota itself.
  • Around 560: Scoring more than 500 is a great score considering state universities through the state quota and counselling process, with the exception of Delhi.
  • 540: A score over 540 can help the candidate secure a decent seat in the home state or states like Madhya Pradesh.
  • Above 510: This score might be borderline for a decent college through All India Quota partially. State quota can provide seats with financial management or similar methods.
  • 490: This is considered a marginal score for State Quota counselling itself. It is a better option to consider private medical colleges because the quality and establishment of the low lying colleges are mostly incompetent.


To sum it up, it is not to be forgotten that the Deemed University set-up has a separate system and processing scores and ranks. These universities have been showing increased promise in recent years due to the increased number of medical aspirants. 

Other options like pursuing medicine or dentistry abroad, alternate courses along the line of medicine are also to be kept in mind while determining your college options.

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