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There seems to be a lot of pressure on students as they approach Class 10. In Class 10, the degree of complexity in maths reaches its pinnacle. To simplify the learning process, students should be exposed to Maths Olympiad tests that clarify fundamental ideas. In today’s world, such examinations have become the standard. The test takes place at various schools around the country. Students can use the Math Olympiad test to help them think beyond the box. It enables them to attempt a variety of inquiries. There are prescribed  IMO study materials for Class 10 provided by the SFO and many other publishing houses. These workbooks contain practice questions as well as answers to any questions with relevant justifications.

Every human being’s day-to-day life is inextricably linked to mathematics. Mathematics bears a significant role in shaping and re-shaping society as we know it today under the global influence of technology.  Mathematics is used in every aspect of life, from managing time to accounting. It is acknowledged for its helping hand in developing critical thinking, rationality, and problem-solving skills. It works as a reliable and efficient tool to make work easier.

And precisely due to the significant impact that Maths leaves on everyone’s lives, it is regarded as one of the most influential disciplines in every student’s career. Regardless of the future one chooses and the job path one selects, maths will invariably impact. Therefore, students need to be taught to consider numbers from a variety of angles. Recreational maths is one technique to encourage students to learn more about mathematical concepts.

IMO Maths Olympiad is one of the most exciting and beneficial ways students can use the platform to improve their math skills. It allows students to learn topics quickly and comprehend complex issues. In addition, this examination helps them understand concepts and enables them to think critically and analytically.

The IMO Maths Olympiad examination administered by the SOF is held in several schools across India by simple registration before the exam dates. It is open to students enrolled in classes one through ten. It encourages the students to practice and be precise to achieve excellence. Students can participate in the IMO Math Olympiad on their own or via their schools. However, it is strongly advised that every student who wants to participate in the IMO Math Olympiad should undertake regular tests and use the workbooks prescribed by the SOF to gain a deeper understanding of the concept try the difficult questions with ease. The International Math Olympiad takes place annually and every month too. The exams are held in levels – so one has to clear all the levels to reach the top position. 

As we mentioned before, apart from annual exams, there are monthly IMO tests organized by the SFO. These monthly tests allow students to practice Maths regularly and resolve their questions from one chapter to another. These examinations are scheduled for students enrolled in classes 1 to 12 and can be quickly taken online. It is a beautiful technique to keep students engaged and propel them towards success in today’s world, especially during the current COVID scenario.

The importance IMO holds must now be clear, and therefore, it should not be taken very lightly. Students who have enrolled for the examination must give their 100% and use tricks and strategies to help them achieve good marks. We have listed some points that you must keep in mind at all times while preparing for Class 10 IMO Maths Olympiad – 

Improve Your Time Management

When it subjects like maths, time is everything. The faster you complete mathematical tasks, the more time you’ll have to go over all of your solutions and revise them. Always keep a timer beside you when tackling mathematical problems. It may be used to calculate how long it will take you to answer issues from a specific chapter. Continue to practice new sets of problems from that chapter to determine whether the basics have become more apparent and if the duration needed to solve questions from that topic has decreased. Focusing on your time will also allow you to practice more, which will help you grasp your concepts better. It would help if you remembered that you would be evaluated on how fast you can solve problems correctly. 

Do Not Read; Practice

Many students believe that reading through chapters in the SFO IMO workbooks for Class 10 and ‘mentally’ solving the problems are sufficient for understanding topics and that issues can be handled well by simply looking at the examples. Reading chapters based on theorems and axioms can help, but how well you grasp these theorems and axioms is dependent on how frequently you practice them. It is essential to solving IMO math problems daily. Math practice not only helps you understand all of the concepts, but it also helps you discover all of the sections where you need to study harder. You should solve the Previous Year Paper for IMO Class 10 Maths 2016 and onwards to get an idea of the type of questions asked recently. 

Regular Revisions

Revision allows you to go over all of the topics you have finished before taking your IMO Olympiad examination for Class 10. The chapters that you have learned at the commencement of your exam preparation may have faded a little, and it is vital to go over everything repeatedly so that all formulae and techniques for solving sums are retained. Exam revision is critical as it allows you to revisit those areas that seemed difficult to manage on a priority basis, ensuring that you do not become stopped again. In addition, revisions are an excellent way to evaluate your preparation and progress.

All the best!

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