How should manufacturing firms manage their micro coil winding industry?


The importance of micro coil devices is increasing with time. As a result, micro coil winding is also gaining prominence. Considering the fact that micro coils have a thickness lesser than the human hair, it is quite difficult to manufacture micro coil devices manually. Because of this reason, there are a growing number of micro coil manufacturing industries. The process is not a simple step-by-step procedure, thus it needs multiple checkpoints before development. In this article we’ll find out what are the important things that should be kept in mind before proceeding with micro coil device manufacturing.

Key points to consider while going forward with micro coil device manufacturing

There are a few important things to consider before you proceed with the micro coil winding. If you are a firm that is into micro coil production, then you must consider the following points:

  1. The quality of the material being used for the micro coil winding should be pure and porous.
  2. The machine being used for the manufacturing should be maintained properly.
  3. The thickness of the wire should be kept into consideration before going ahead with the micro coil winding.
  4. Proper training should be provided to the personnel.
  5. Whenever possible, the organizations should look forward to mass manufacturing of the micro coil devices. It results in reduced cost. 

Challenges of micro coil winding

Micro coil winding has its own set of challenges too. One of the major challenges of micro coil winding comes with the inherent nature of the thickness of the wire. As the wire is quite thin, traditional integration methods cannot be used. The traditional methods will often lead to chemical reaction of the wire or might cause oxidation too.

The quality of the wire should be superior. As the micro coil winding is done for medical devices, there cannot be a situation where the impurity creeps in. This is why special care must be taken to ensure that the micro coil winding is done under pristine conditions.   

What is the right shape for micro coil winding?

Micro coil winding can be done in numerous shapes. Based on the requirement from the client, the firms generally select the shape of the winding. Yet the most efficient shape is the orthocyclic shape.

In this form of winding, the coils are placed one over the other. It results in a reduced shape of the winding. As the coil is wound over the upper layer, the channel of winding thus formed is narrow, thus improving the surface area of the winding. As a result, there is better energy propagation with an improved heat & electricity distribution. 

Importance of modern integration methodologies

Understanding that the micro coils are very thin in their diameter, traditional integration methods cannot be used. Thermo compression bonding comes as a rescue under such a situation. Considering that it involves the molecular integration between two micro coils, this is far more reliable and durable method. Micro coil winding is very crucial in the growth of micro coil medical devices. With a very bright future ahead in terms of medical devices, micro coil winding industry is bound to grow further. 


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