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How Technology Changes Marketing Communications

Technology Changes Marketing Communications

Technology is progressing every day, and as it does, it’s changing marketing communications. Some changes may be small, but others can completely change the way marketing is done: So, how does technology change marketing communications?

It Opens Up Marketing Communications 

Technology has opened up marketing to a whole new audience. In the past, businesses were limited to traditional advertising formats such as TV, radio, print magazines, and newspapers, however, today it’s very simple to reach people. With search engines and social media platforms, anyone can create an ad account and start advertising in hours. This has opened up marketing to a much larger audience and means you don’t need big budgets to reach your customers. 

The Way We Reach People 

Technology is constantly changing the way we communicate with people. For example, these text message political campaign examples show how marketing methods have changed over time. One of the biggest questions in marketing is always how to reach your target audience, and technology means there are many more ways to do this now. This will only continue to change as technology evolves. 

How We Interact 

The language we use has been changing since the start of time, however, technology has had a powerful impact on this. Today, we see a lot of emojis and gifs used in marketing communications, but 20 years ago, this was perhaps unthinkable. 

Marketing communication will always reflect the way people interact in real life, and as technology impacts this, marketing continues to change. It’s up to advertisers to make sure they’re keeping up with technology and the way consumers communicate to keep their marketing relevant. Today, this might mean using gifs, but tomorrow it might mean VR or some new form of technology. 

The Level of Personalization 

One thing that has changed exponentially with recent technological advancements is the amount of data businesses have access to. When you create a Facebook ads account, you get a sneak peek into detailed data about billions of people around the world, and this is a powerful tool for marketers. The data from Facebook and other platforms allows advertisers to reach specific people with very personalized messages

For better or worse, technology has allowed businesses to get to know a lot more about us, and they can use this to make sure they’re personalizing their marketing. 

Analyze Results 

Technology has also changed the way we analyze the results of our marketing efforts. 

With digital marketing, it’s possible to understand how every campaign performs in extraordinary detail. In the past, when you took out an ad in a print magazine, you couldn’t tell who looked at your ad or who skipped over it. Today, however, we know how many people looked at your post, how long they spent on it, how many people clicked on it, what other actions they took, and so many more details. 

Analytics has allowed marketers to be much more exact with what they do and have greater control over their ROI.

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