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Instagram Versus TikTok: Where Should Your Brand Invest In?

Where Should Your Brand Invest In Social Media


TikTok is the progenitor of microcontent. It is the first platform where you can enjoy compelling short video content. Even after Instagram being the most popular platform for choice for the brands and businesses, TikTok offered something new.

With the new generation of Gen Z, people were more compelled with less photoshop and more authenticity. This made the brands look for new strategies to meet users’ demands.

This is where TikTok made its appearance in the market. It started its career as ByteDance. Then this platform was bought out by America’s famous lip-sync platform and merged both the apps together to form Tik-Tok.

According to Igloo social media agency in Dubai, it is one of the most influential platforms that quickly rose to the popularity ladder. Within three years, it crossed 1 billion users database.

Tik-Tok Vs. Instagram: Statistics

Being a marketer is really tough, especially when you have decided where to put your marketing investment- Tik-Tok or Instagram. While deciding where to invest in your marketing strategy, having some stats by your side can really help you out.

Given below are some stats that will help you gauge the potential ROI of your marketing investment.


  • More than 90% of users access apps at least once a day.
  • Users spend almost an hour on this platform.
  • The US alone has 60 million monthly users.
  • Pickups trends fast.


  • Instagram has at least 63% user login every day.
  • More than 500 million people use Instagram Story per day.
  • 130 million users click shopping posts every month.
  • US marketers spend 69% of marketing investment on Instagram.

Tik-Tok Vs. Instagram: Demographics

Instagram is considered to be the leading app in the influence marketing industry. In 2019, 89% of the marketers picked Instagram to be the core social media channel for their social media marketing strategy.

The current market cap of Instagram is $20 billion and has created a monolith in revenue 113 times more than Tik-Tok.

You might be surprised how an app such a market cap; well, most influencers are affiliated with Instagram. This raises the price evaluation and market cap significantly.

While both are comparable in age, geographically, they differ a lot. Out of 1.8 billion users on Instagram, the US tops the highest representation with 12% account holders. In the case of Tik-Tok, India and Brazil remain at the top, and the US comes in third place.

When we come down to the gender ratio distribution, Tiktok has 56% male and 44% female. Compared to Tik-Tok, Instagram has more females, with 65% female and 35% male.

Tik-Tok Vs. Instagram: Comparison

The easy-to-use interphase of Tik-Tok has made it one of the best platforms for short-form content. TikTok simple premise mostly focuses on the followings:

  • Lip-Syncing.
  • Pranking.
  • Dancing.
  • Comedy acts.

The 10 years-long histories of Instagram have transformed into a photo-focused platform to story-driven content and TVs.

While Tik-Tok and Instagram are similar in terms of app fundamentals, they have different features that draw a clear distinction line.

Tik Tok currently does not have long for video features. The time span of any video on Tik Tok is between 15 Seconds to 60 Seconds. At the same trim, Instagram caters to long forms of videos that can last up to an hour.

Brand Should Go For Both

Both the platforms have their pros and cons; it is up to you what kind of marketing strategy you are looking for. If you understand your needs and come up with a platform that promotes your needs, go for that platform.

Both TikTok and Instagram are unique in their ways. Hence, you need to evaluate what features can help your business.

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