How to Connect with Your Employees While Working from Home

Connect with Your Employees While Working from Home

Back then, it was easy for you to call the attention of your employees. Whether you want to say something related to work or have a personal conversation, you can do it in your office. However, since the work from home set up started, communicating with your employees became a challenge. It’s not only about work, but also personally connecting with them.

The well-being of your employees should be your priority. You don’t want them to keep working even if they’re already going through a lot. Their state of mind while working could also adversely impact their job performance. Besides, you already consider most of them as your family members. These are some useful tips to help you connect with them despite the distance.

Send a short text message

Not everyone feels like opening up, especially during this difficult time. Some people would rather keep things to themselves and wait until this ordeal is over. Calling your employees right away for reasons not related to work might be uncalled for. Send them a text message first to know how they are. They might feel unwell and would love to have someone to talk to. A simple “how are you?” message would already suffice. You’re at least giving an opportunity to have a more in-depth conversation.

Don’t start meetings with a serious topic

Zoom meetings are already normal these days. It’s easier to connect with your employees through this online platform. However, there’s no need for you to rush in discussing work-related topics right away. You can start by making sure that everyone feels well. You can even ask some of your employees to share how they feel, or what they have been up to over the past weeks. These experiences could also help other employees deal with their situation.  It also shows that you care about them, and not only after getting things done.

Inform everyone that your line is always open

You might also be going through a lot because of this pandemic. However, you should still find a way to make yourself available to all your employees. Some of them are in a more difficult spot than you. Imagine those who got stuck working in another city and are unable to get back home. Others don’t have family members at all. You might even have some employees who lost their loved ones due to the virus. The least you can do is to make yourself available and talk to anyone who needs someone to converse with.

Plan for future fun activities

 Over the last months, you decided to cancel all corporate activities. It makes sense because they require mass gatherings which the government prohibits. However, there’s nothing wrong in planning for the future. Eventually, things will get better, and you can pursue the activities you want to happen. One of them is the fairground hire. It’s a fun activity that all your employees would look forward to. It’s never too early to look at the details and get things started.

In this trying moment, we have to find a way to be of help to others. Start with the people in your immediate circle.

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