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How to Get More Google Reviews the Easy Way


Reviews or feedback are an excellent way to surge ahead in business. Google reviews are the first things to appear when searching any business on Google Maps. So, it is essential to have as many positive reviews as possible to show up for your customers. Reviews are beneficial for both customers and search engines alike. 

However, you should know how to encourage positive reviews from those who have had a good experience with your business. Here is how you can get more Google reviews for your small business without worrying about spam filters or violating Google’s review policies.

Incentivize Reviews

Offer some incentive for customers to write for your business a positive review. Whether giving away something for free or offering them a discount when they buy something, you can try this incentivizing method to make your customers drop a positive review.

Something like “leave a 5-star rating on Google and get 50% off” is great because it encourages those who have had a good experience with your business to write a review.

Email Customers

After they have been to your business, you can email them regarding the satisfaction level from using your product and if they would be willing to leave a positive review on Google Maps or Facebook. Ensure that these reviews come directly from the source. So only genuine people as customers should be reviewing and not company employees.

Post on Social Media

Social media is a great way to get more people to visit your website or see and buy your company’s products and services. Social media platforms might be something you should use after being in business for quite some time. 

Positive reviews from customers and sharing of their experiences on social media handles like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram will benefit your business to a large extent.

Pictures and videos on social media platforms would give the potential customer more information about what they are getting into. This in turn, could influence customers positively, and they will be willing to hear more about your business!

Use Automated Tools

Online review sites are significant. Business owners should do their best to ensure that their small business gains as many positive reviews as possible, especially on Google Maps. 

One way you can manage all of this online customer feedback is by using an automated alert system that will help you keep track of all of your customer’s online reviews. In this manner, business owners can manage and organize all of their reviews and feedback in one place, regardless of it being positive or negative. The information allows one to know what needs to be improved upon and give potential customers the best experience possible with your business!

You can either create your software or use a third-party tool that will help you monitor reviews from multiple sources online – including Google Maps and Facebook and Yelp, Yellow Pages, etc.

Once you have successfully followed these review-related guidelines, you should be in a position to get more people to come to your business and leave more positive reviews for it!

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