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How To Handle The Aftermath of Your Car Accident


The 2020 Annual Report from the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles revealed 847 deaths occurred on Virginia’s roadways in 2020. The report further stated 144 people were injured every day from traffic crashes in the Commonwealth.

It is a misunderstanding that hiring an attorney after an accident is an added expense. You do not have to face the insurance company alone with a Newport News car accident lawyer by your side. Moreover, you have an improved chance of getting full and fair compensation for any injuries and damages. 

Car accidents are unpredictable; you must educate yourself on dealing with the accident’s aftermath to ensure your safety.

The Aftermath of Your Car Accident?

Check for Injuries

Check whether you and other passengers involved in the car accident are fine. Medical safety always comes first in these situations. If anyone is injured, promptly call for medical aid.

Get Yourself and Your Vehicle to Safety

If you have not been hurt and it was a minor accident, slowly get your car to the side of the road. Set up flares and turn on hazard lights to warn other drivers of the situation. If your car is severely damaged, leave the vehicle as is and carefully walk towards the side of the road.

If required, take a minute to orient yourself before walking onto a busy road.

Call the Police

It would be wise to alert the authorities even in the case of a minor accident. When the police arrive at the scene, note down the officer’s name and badge number and take a copy of the accident report from the reporting officer. 

Document the Scene

Collect as much information as possible at the scene of the accident. Use your phone to take pictures and document the damages in detail. You could record yourself while you recount the event. Documenting at the scene is important as the event is still fresh in your mind.

Other information you should collect is the other party’s name, their insurance details, car registration, model, street name, and direction where the car was headed. These details can help your Newport News car accident lawyer to pursue the appropriate course of action.

Do Not Discuss Fault with Other Parties Involved

Do not admit fault and take responsibility for the accident at the scene. Doing so could impact the outcome of your insurance claim. Emotions run high after an accident; you may not realize what caused the accident in the first place. Let concerned authorities carry their investigation. 

Hire an Attorney

You should not be paying out of pocket because of the negligence of another party. An experienced car accident attorney will explain the legal options at your disposal. They will deal with the insurance company on your behalf and strive to get you the treatment you need. 

Being in a car accident can be confusing and disorienting. Your safety takes top priority, so check yourself and other passengers for injuries and get medical assistance at the earliest. Calling the police, documenting the scene should be your next steps. Finally, you can consult a Newport News car accident lawyer to understand your legal rights and responsibilities before deciding on a further course of action.

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