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How to Keep Your Customers Happier and Happier

How to Keep Your Customers Happier and Happier

They say the customer is always right. They are the ones you have to persuade to part with their money. If they’re not happy with anything regarding your product or service, then you’ll miss out on that sale and the all-important money that comes with it. If lots of customers feel the same way, then you might even struggle to turn a profit. So, how can you make sure you keep your customers happy? Here are some top tips to make sure your customers are pleased and carry on purchasing from you.

Send out a survey

If the customer is always right, it’s important to know what they’re thinking at all times. You might think you’ve made all the right decisions about your product design, the quality, and the price. If the majority of customers disagree, however, then despite all of your expertise, experience, and research, you have unfortunately and undoubtably made the wrong decision.

To make sure you’ve chosen well, use online survey tools to find out exactly what your customers think of your products. Not only can these tools judge customer satisfaction, but they can also collect other metrics including the ease of using your site, the speed they were able to process the order, and how likely they are to recommend your product or service to a friend. The data collected will allow you see your weaknesses so you can form a new plan on how to improve them. You can build a digital online survey form with just a few clicks. 

Reward their loyalty

Many brands offer incentives for new customers to purchase from their store or website for the first time. For example, a popular deal to offer customers is a 10% discount on their first order when they subscribe to your email newsletter. This may often be the extra push that customers need to make that all-important sale.

Whilst it’s important to encourage those first-time customers to make a purchase, it’s also important to look after your second-time customers, third-time customers, and your regular customers. Once they’ve subscribed to your email newsletter, make sure you send them more discount codes on a regular basis. If you don’t keep rewarding your customers, they may be tempted to try out your rivals, especially if they’re also offering a 10% discount for first-time customers. 

Finish the job as well as it started

Whilst the majority of your efforts might go into making that sale, it’s important to make sure you complete the order just as well as it has started. Now the customer has parted with their money, you need to keep up your end of the deal and get the product to them as soon as possible. Make sure you package each product well, so they don’t become damaged during transit. It’s also important to make sure the products get dispatched as soon as possible. Finally, make sure the product makes it to its final destination successfully. If anything goes wrong with any of these processes, it could make your customer very reluctant to shop with you again in the future.

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