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How to Keep Your Warehouse Secure with Our Top 6 Tips


Warehouses need more than just a few cameras and lights. Implement the right security measures, and your warehouse can be one of the most secure locations in any facility. 

That’s why we’ve put together our top 6 tips for keeping your warehouse secure:

1) Security Cameras and alarms

CCTV was made to help security guards keep an eye on large, open areas. This can include loading docks inside your warehouse or anywhere in between. The footage is recorded and stored so it can be used in the event of theft or other types of crime. They’re also ideal for providing information to managers about how employees are behaving during their shifts.

2) Secure all entry points

Are employees and visitors coming and going from your warehouse? This can be one of the biggest causes of theft. Utilizing a good access control system will increase your warehouse security by monitoring who has entered the facility and at what time they entered. If an access control system is beyond your budget, you should implement a key holder strategy to control who has access to your site. Putting up locks, placing cameras at entry points, or limiting access should be a top priority. Make sure there’s a reason people should be allowed to enter the building.

3) Secure the whole perimeter

Warehouses that aren’t secure leave their workers open to all kinds of danger. A lack of fencing, gates that aren’t locked, or doors that are propped open not only leaves you vulnerable to intruders and theft but also increases the risk of workplace violence and accidental injury.

4) Warehouse layout

The layout of your warehouse makes an enormous difference in how easily it can be secured. Thieves will target the weak points and not the more heavily protected areas, so it’s important to make sure you’re designing your warehouse with the highest level of security in mind. Furthermore, if stock is left close to the entry and exit points, this will encourage thieves to steal the product and not waste time rummaging through your warehouse to find the best hiding spots.

5) Train staff

Training your staff on recognizing and reporting suspicious activity will help them recognize when something is happening without you needing to be close by. Everyone who works in a warehouse must have comprehensive security awareness training. Warehouse management software offers flexible options such as anti-theft devices, biometric locks, and video stream monitoring. This helps with storing information about what is happening in your warehouse and the risks you face. This helps in keeping your product safe from theft, as well as recording everything for company archives going forward.

6) Customer awareness 

If you’re using your warehouse for storage or other business purposes, make sure your customers are aware of security practices that are in place. This can include physical restrictions such as surveillance cameras or lighting at entry points. It can also include making them aware of security protocols employees should follow during an emergency.

If you follow these tips, you can help ensure that your warehouse stays safe and secure at all times.

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