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How to make your home unattractive to common rodent pests

How to make your home unattractive to common rodent pests

Rodent pests are a problem for every homeowner. They create a lot of problems in a house. Rodent pests spread diseases, harm pets, and damage property. The best strategy for avoiding rodent pests is to make your home unattractive to them. They are less likely to be attracted to your home if you have a clean home.

Risks from Rodent Pests

Rodents provide major risks in your home. Feces and urine from mice can damage and contaminate flooring. Repairs can cost a lot of money. Proper care of your home not only creates a good environment for you but also creates an environment to discourage rodent pests. You can discourage them from entering your home with proper actions.

We listed four methods to make your home unattractive to rodents. Animals are attracted to food and areas that fit their type of habitat. Our methods will ensure your home does not lure any rodents to it, plus you can learn even more about rat control here.

Keep a Clean Home

A clean house will keep wild animals away from your home. Rodent pests are attracted to food and garbage. If they smell garbage from a house, then they will pay you a visit. Animals such as rats and raccoons eat spoiled food. They will want to stay in a place with food such as your home.

Keep your home clean on the inside and outside. Be sure to clean any crumbs, and do not leave any food out such as a plate of food on a counter. Also tightly seal your garbage to block the smell of food. Rodent pests dig in garbage, and a seal prevents them from noticing your trash.

  • Dispose of all trash
  • Do not leave crumbs on surfaces
  • Seal your garbage

Clean Kitchen Appliances

Furthermore, you need to regularly clean your kitchen appliances. Small droplets of food build on stoves, ovens, and microwaves when you use them. Small rodents can smell these small droplets of food.

Furthermore, rodent pests will be attracted to dirty appliances, and small rats may burrow inside your appliances. These rodents may also damage your kitchen appliances. Then, you will have two problems with rodent pests in your house and a broken stove. You can avoid these problems by cleaning appliances.

Clean your kitchen appliances after using them. Do not allow any leftover food or a small spill to build up. You can purchase cleaning supplies for your stove and oven at local stores. Some stoves have a self-cleaning feature that you may use to clean your stove.

Remove Moisture

You have removed any excess food from your home, but rodents also seek other substances. Wet areas in a home attract rodents such as mice. Leaks from pipes and cracks in the foundation create moist areas in a home. Rodent pests can survive for a month with only water.

You need to fix any leaks in your home. Rodents will continue to come into your home until the problem is solved. All animals seek food and water for survival. Without easy access to water, rodent pests will seek shelter elsewhere for their needs.

Regularly inspect your pipes and faucets for any leaks. Call a plumber to fix any leaks in your home. This will prevent rodents from being able to roost in a moist area with water.

Trim Overgrown Vegetation

Mice like to hide in overgrown branches and plants near a home. They can hide from predators and climb the long branches to reach your windows. Mice may also reach your roof and invite themselves into your home through any entry points.

We recommend trimming your trees’ branches and any large bushes. Be sure none of the branches are near the house. Rodents will not be able to reach your roof and windows on overgrown branches.

Furthermore, neatly trimmed trees and bushes also keep other wildlife away from your home. Wildlife is attracted to places with their prey for food. They are less likely to come to your home and yard without their source of food.

Final Words of Advice

All in all, attractive home for us is an unattractive home for rodent pests. Deny them access to your food, garbage, water, and entries. Always keep this advice in mind and practice these easy steps. Your home will be a free and comfortable space without any rodent pests.

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