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Following the release of the best crypto marketing firms of 2019 list, it was necessary to update the list for 2020. When picking a good crypto marketing firm, one of the most important considerations should be the experience of the firm. Besides their experience, it is important to look at their client portfolio. Finally, you should look at the unique services it offers that make it stand out from the rest. Here is a shortlist of some of the best crypto meriting firms in 2020 to get you started.


TokenMinds is a well-known name within crypto marketing circles. The company has been actively working with companies in the crypto space in their business development efforts. Its main areas of focus are blockchain marketing, PR marketing, and community marketing.

TokenMinds’ efforts have earned it recognition within the industry. It voted the best IEO marketing firm in 2019. When it comes to experience, the company is amongst the most experienced in the crypto space. It has been around since 2016. In that time, it has participated in the sale of Celsius, Essentia, and Remme.

Working with TokenMinds was a great experience. They are a professional agency with experienced marketers. Every aspect of our project, including the PR promotion, went perfectly. The day to management of the marketing efforts was professional and they were quite cooperative in helping us achieve our goal. 

When you pick TokenMinds, you will know exactly what you are getting. The firm has set deliverables. Their experience with major projects in the crypto means they have proven strategies when it comes to picking where to list tokens as well as establishing the tokenomics. Additionally, the team at TokenMinds has expertise in asset tokenization and wallet development.


Zynesis is a blockchain consultancy firm that believes decentralization will offer numerous benefits to the world. Their goal is to make the decentralization of the world a reality. Zynesis has a lot of experience in the blockchain space that goes back to 2011 with the Bitcoin blockchain.

Since then, the company has begun specializing in blockchain technology solutions. Their knowledge and experience now span several blockchains. The company has experts who will help to design, engineer, and develop blockchain-based solutions for their partners.

Another service they offer is security audits for Ethereum-based smart contracts. They will check the smart contract code to see if there are loopholes that can be exploited by hackers. Once they do the audit, you will receive a report.

Their lead consultant U-Zyn Chua has been working with blockchain technology since 2011. Over the years, he has received numerous awards for his efforts within the tech industry.

Canam Group

Canam Group is an experienced company when it comes to business consultant and social media marketing. Through their services, the company will get access to a wide array of solutions that will take their businesses to the next level.

The company is committed to helping businesses in the crypto sector gain the proper exposure they need to succeed. Besides that, they will offer guidance to firms in the crypto space on what it takes to succeed.

Canam Group will help you to tell the “Brand Story” of your project. They carry out a perfectly orchestrated campaign that lets your potential customers understand your goals and objectives. This way, your customers do not shop anywhere else. Whether you are a small private company or a large public firm, they will help you to succeed. They have the skills and knowledge to help you gain the exposure and visibility you need to succeed.


ChainPlus.One is an experienced agency in social media marketing for blockchain companies with a special focus on China. The platform provides clients with a one-stop service for their projects. Their services include marketing strategy consulting, media placement, public relations management offline roadshows, and community operation.

The company has built a name for itself in the blockchain space. It has strong relationships with most media platforms in China’s blockchain sector. It has worked with over 50 service projects in numerous countries such as the UK, UK, India, Malaysia, Russia, and Singapore.

They have a very competent leadership team too. Their CEO Raymond Lam is the cofounder of Dragon Social, a successful agency in China. He has been featured on numerous leading media outlets within and outside China.


OpenXcell is a mobile app development firm that also offers IT services, business solutions, and outsourcing for website, mobile, and software development. Besides creating business strategies up to and including mobile app development, the company also offers its clients help in critical processes such as app testing, assurance testing, real-time solutions developments, chatbots, and more. Another service offered by the company is managed cloud services.

All of the company’s solutions are client-centric and designed to help the client’s project succeed. Their UI design is intended to make apps as intuitive as possible. With their help, you will design the perfect interface for your service.

The company has a long history of success and dedicated customers from all corners of the world. They have a team of experts to focus on each specific project and accomplish their goals.


When the crypto sector was young, numerous projects entered the space. However, many have since left and only a few genuine and dedicated ones like TokenMinds remain. When picking the right crypto marketing firm, ensure you look at the years of experience, their past client portfolio, and the competitive advantages they have to offer. Having an experts working with you will help you to reach out to the ever-evolving crypto community effectively.

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