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How to Use Text Messaging For Boosting Your Internal Communications

Text Messaging For Boosting Your Internal Communications

Text messaging is one of the most popular forms of communication. Statistics say that the average consumer sends as many as 72 texts per day. Even though glossy brochures, vivid videos, and punchy graphics appeal to the eyes, nothing is as effective as a short and crisp text message. It hits the bull’s eye as to what you want to convey, and therefore, is the best choice for internal communication within organizations.

Using text messaging in your internal communications is the perfect way to send a reminder, reinforce a message, or notify employees on the go. As more employees are working remotely, a text message can be an ideal alternative or addition to amplifying communications effectively.

Here are some smart ways to use text messaging for internal communications:

Send Personalized Messages

Employees like personalization since it gives them a sense of belonging and catches their attention within a professional environment. You can use text messages to send a targeted message addressed to a group, individual employees, recruits, prospective employees, etc. It can serve to be a valuable touchpoint for you to connect with and engage your employees.

Important Reminders

Text messages are great for last-minute reminders since all employees always have their phones nearby even if they miss to see their calendar alerts. Sending out a simple message to remind them about an important meeting can help them to be on time at the right place. 

Emergency Notifications or Updates

You can also use text messaging in your internal communications to announce any emergency updates and reach the employees for quick action. For instance, if you want to notify employees that the office will be closed due to inclement weather or network issues, you can immediately shoot out a text message to all your employees.

Give a Morale Boost or Recognize Employees

A great way to motivate employees and connect with them is to reach out to them periodically with a quick and upbeat message. Motivation or inspiration need not be conveyed through long memos or emails. You can use text messages to send an inspiring quote, company-wide recognition to a team or individual employee for a job well done, or holiday greetings.

Gather Feedback

You can even send brief surveys or links via text message to generate a greater response rate and effective results. Consider soliciting feedback on workshops, recent events, or activity and post polls to gather employee preferences.

Make an Announcement

If you have just launched a new product, want to publicize your latest issue of a newsletter, or draw attention to the company’s latest news, you can drop a quick text message with the same link and get more employees to view the announcements. Garner your employees’ attention to important events, milestones, or other news that they may otherwise miss to see or overlook.

Using text messaging in your internal communications is not as hard as you think. You can quickly and conveniently send thousands of messages to employees at specific locations, various departments or teams, different management levels, or other applicable categories from a user-friendly web interface.  Whether it’s mass communication or targeted messages, text messages are a powerful medium to enforce and strengthen your internal communications channel.

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