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How to write a 10-on-10 essay?


Often students struggle with writing grammatically correct sentences and lose marks even for writing correct answers. The writing skill can be somehow still dealt when it comes to the answers written in the books. The major problem is when students write essays, many of them wonder how to fetch a good score in essay writing. For example, some students face an issue for their habit of discursive writing and lose marks for lack of precision in their essays. There are some simple things that are to be kept in mind while writing an essay. Go through the below-mentioned tips and incorporate the same in your writing skills so as to write better essays.   

Take up reading as a hobby

One of the best ways that can improve your writing skills is by reading good books more often. While you read through various writing pieces, you get familiar with the correct usage of words and phrases in sentences. For those who do not find reading story books much fun, can pick up any newspaper article from their field of interest. Also, while reading books and articles of different genres you will gradually become familiar with the individual writing styles of authors. And gradually you will find your writing skills improve.

The use of the word count tool is an important metric for writing. By using this tool, you will be able to determine how many words there are in your text. You can then check to see if there are enough words or it has exceeded a certain limit.

Jot down the points you are writing on

Many students seem to deviate from the major points as they proceed with the answers or essays. It is very important to have all the points covered in your answers without going beyond the mentioned word limit. Hence, it is better to write down the key points in the rough sheet for an essay or at the least write a few keywords for each point so that you can refer to it while writing. It is advantageous to write separate paragraphs for each of the points, thereby the clarity will be maintained.

Work on the Writing Structure

The writing structure can be improved only with more practice and more reading. It is not necessary to write in a crafty way but the only thing that one should keep in mind while writing an essay is to keep it simple and crisp. You may not use a lot of high end vocabulary words in your essays but the sentence structure should be understandable by the reader. In most schools, they prescribe NCERT books by Vedantu for the subject of English for classes 1 to 12. Students can follow the simple writing structure from these books and incorporate it in their writing skills. It is important to keep the sentences short so as to not rattle about the message to be conveyed.

Avoid the crafty phrases

In order to improve your writing skills, it is better to keep out all the cluttering phrases. Often people use crafty prepositional phrases thinking it will make their essays better, but it only adds to the clutter. We seem to come across many phrases in the story books but using the same in our essays may not make sense all the time. It is mostly advisable to break down such prepositional phrases into simpler prepositions if possible. 

Work on the spelling errors

One of the most common errors for which students lose marks in English examinations is the spelling error. No matter how much you improve your writing structure, spelling errors take away the essence of your writing. The best way to work on your confusion with spellings is to practice them regularly. Now, you cannot be sure of which all spellings are to be worked on, so refer to the previous spelling errors that you have made. Rewrite the correct spellings on your notebook and revise them regularly. Also, keep noting down ten such spellings, which you find difficult to remember, and revise all the spellings.

A good vocabulary never hurts

Along with making sure of correct spellings it is also important to have a good vocabulary. At times, some vocabulary words help you to shorten the sentences, thereby keeping it simple. Some words will help you to articulate your message in a better way rather than by over-explaining it in a sentence. Reading various books or articles will definitely help in improving your vocabulary. It is suggested that you should work on your vocabulary by reading articles instead of learning individual words. This way you will be able to relate to the correct usage of these new words you learn. In case you tend to forget these new words, you may note it down in a notebook along with the meaning. For convenience, you can also write a sentence for every word in it to remember the correct usage of the word.

Get your essays reviewed

Often when you write an essay, apart from the spelling errors, you seem to find it flawless while revising it. It may be because you already know the ideas that you want to convey through the essay. Though it is not possible during the exam, yet it is always better to get your essays reviewed by someone else when you practice. The feedback that you get from your readers will help you understand the glitches in your writing and if your message could be communicated clearly. Once you get the feedback start incorporating it in your essay and rewrite the problem areas afresh.

The more you practice writing essays, the better you will get at it during the exam. There are a lot of essay books that you can refer to and take a cue for improving your writing style. It is better to begin with the very basic essay books and eventually get along with the advanced ones, once you are through with the basic essay structure. 

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