IOTA rate forecast: MIOTA/USD despite a strong Trend 2115 percent from the all-time high far


On this day of trading of the crypto market from its bearish side. Throughout all the Top Krytpowährungen record against the day in the Minus. However, the losses have been kept within limits and move in a range of 1 to 3 percent.

Investors of IOTA must currently observe a slight decline of around 3 percent in the last 24 hours. For the total week, the Trend of IOTA, however, is encouraging. The MIOTA/USD exchange rate rose, within seven trading days of more than 9 percent. Thus, the Altcoin is currently trading at 0,2370 dollars.

The most important facts to MIOTA/USD exchange rate development

We consider the most important facts about the course of development of MIOTA/USD in the past trading week:

  • The rate maximum in the past week was 0,2550 Dollar at the 4. June, 06:11 CET.
  • The course minium of the trading week, reaching MIOTA/USD at 1. June at 01:43 CET when 0,2186 dollars.
  • The Course of the past week is 0,2368 dollars.

Thus, the Altcoin-rate by means of is currently almost exactly in the area of the Week. The market capitalization of IOTA has fallen in the previous 24 hours to slightly more than $ 21 million. It amounts currently to about 658 million dollars. In the crypto-Ranking by market capitalisation in the crypto-currency is, in spite of the significant upward trends from the previous week unchanged at 24th place. However, IOTA was able to reduce his gap to the front-placed Coins, such as NEO, Ethereum Classic or Dash. To be missing the Top 20 with around $ 160 million currently in market capitalization.

We look at the development of IOTA since the Corona-crisis and the price slump in the crypto market: The low of the year was on 12. March reached 0,1114 dollars. So MIOTA/USD has posted in the last three months, a significant price increase. The value has more than doubled. More specifically, the growth amounts to more than 113 percent. Thus, IOTA exceeds the percentage growth of many of the other Top Altcoins significantly. Neither Bitcoin nor XRP or Bitcoin Cash can compete here.

To the best value of the current year, a good chunk is missing yet. 13. February listed on the MIOTA/USD already at 0,3344 dollars. Of this brand the Altcoin is still around 41 percent. Here are other Top Coins are moved again to be closer to the high for the year pre. So Bitcoin is only about 10 per cent lower than the best value from the February. This shows that in IOTA-rate prevails, a total of more volatility as the market leader. But this is true not only for MIOTA/USD, but for the development of many Altcoins.

MIOTA/USD: a Better Investment than Bitcoin?

A look at the long-term development of MIOTA/USD shows how much potential could still be stuck in the Altcoin. So listed MIOTA/USD on 19. December 2017, on its all-time high of 5.25 dollars. It would require an increase of stark 2.115 percent, to MIOTA/USD gets back to this level. It MIOTA/USD buy is measured currently is very cheap. For investors, this could offer an interesting investment opportunity if the Altcoin can maintain his current upward trend in the longer term. For comparison: The price of Bitcoin is currently “only” 110 percent below its all-time highs.

Investors should keep in any case, as always, the courses daily in order to be able to in a timely manner to price changes.

The course information in the article is based on the crypto-currency chart from CoinMarketCap at the time of article publication.


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