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The crypto ecosystem is surprised then, earlier this week, someone under the pseudonym “heyheeyheeey” published a article in Medium with a solution of the scaling of ETH 2.0.

ETH 2.0

The launch of Ethereum 2.0 is one of the most anticipated events of the year, following the Halving of Bitcoin. For those who do not know that is, is an update that will increase the scalability of Ethereum to replace the protocol of consensus Proof of Work Proof of Stake.

Currently, the crypto community is faced with the expectation that ETH 2.0 complete the technical requirements to launch your phase 0, thus must comply with the testnets Topaz and Schlesi.

Mysterious solution

On June 2, was published in Medium an article under the pseudonym “heyheeyheeey” about a possible solution of scaling the ETH 2.0. In particular, the author noted that, although ETH 2.0 this close to being released, have a major problem.

You are probably wondering: What is the problem that comes with ETH 2.0.? Well, the author points out that the upgrade may only be handled by people with high technical knowledge and with a vast amount of ETH.

He acknowledged the current problem, but what do you propose? The author under his pseudonym posed a solution based on Argenta wallet for novice users that “it could close the gap.”

It is important to note that the author emphasizes his non-relationship with Argent, that is to say, it has not been sponsored by them. Therefore, the author points out that it was an own-initiative driven by the desire to facilitate the things to the general public.

The best thing might be asking yourself, is it really as difficult as it poses? Therefore, the author carried out research which he recognized that there was a significant level of interest in using the staking of ETH 2.0, but the majority of the respondents stated that the main obstacle was its complexity.

Graphics published by
Graphics published by “heyheeyheeey” in a Medium where we can observe the data obtained in its survey.

Solution and answer of the community

Therefore, “heyheeyheeey” established that the users had the following needs:

  1. A simple solution and safe
  2. Retirement simple the ETH in staking
  3. A simple to use even without technical knowledge

“It is interesting to see that the majority of users during the research and testing they had similar needs (simplicity, resiliency, security,…) and also encountered the same bottlenecks of design”he wrote in the author and Medium.

With this objective, proposed to use the interface of the Argent to reduce the gap that clearly found in his research.

At the time of writing, “heyheeyheeey” has 65 followers on Medium with a single published article that has obtained 905 positive reactions and 8 reviews.

In general, the comments that we can read in his article praising the work done by the user. However, for the present has not responded to any of them.

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