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Latina stars JLo and Shakira mentioned Super Bowl halftime performance ‘a message of unity.’

Super Bowl Halftime Show Live Stream

Latina stars JLo and Shakira mentioned Super Bowl halftime performance ‘a message of unity.’

According to JLO;

“Two Latinas performing in this country now just very strengthen to us,”

MIAMI — Jennifer Lopez and Shakira will make dual antiquity Sunday in the Super Bowl’s 12-minute halftime show. It’s the first time two Latinas star on that stage, and the two global stars perform together.

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Before it, Gloria Estefan was the only Latina to broadcast the popular halftime show. Jlo and Shakira mentioned this as a chance to convey the message of community strength and especially for the woman. JLO stated that she would be remembering her daughter and other ladies as watching two ladies together on stage.

According to them;

“The halftime show will deliver a powerful message that will support their Latino basis,” the presentation will also pay honor to NBA star Kobe Bryant.”

Miami’s spectacular growth in current periods as a national center and a world-wide target has got attributed to Latinos who have established there in huge figures from the last half-century. From Cuban Americans in the initial 1960s to Venezuelan, Colombian, Dominican, and Puerto Rican societies.

Several people say Miami is the northernmost Latin city of America. 

Listen to the dream playlist below:

Shakira considered it a reality as she will perform here is one of the occasion’s breaking news. Shakira stated that Miami is an energetic town, home to the Latino civic, who existed in near Miami Beach for several years before going to Barcelona. Here she is growing her two boys. According to him to see the performance of two starts together on the same stage means everything can happen and that we have to make our thinking great and should struggle with consistency and hard work.

Forty-two years old Shakira is a three-time Grammy champion and specifically recalled due to her performance in the 2010 and 2014 World Cups. She’s constructing her other tuition-free school for needy students in her birthplace of Barranquilla.

“A reminder of the nation’s heritage: diversity.”

 Lopez said, “I think sports and music are the two things that can bring everybody together in a moment, and we have that opportunity this Sunday.”

“I think the Super Bowl is a very American event, as American as it can get, and I think it’s going to be very nice,” Shakira said. “It’s also going to be a reminder of the heritage of this country, which is one of diversity, and that’s what we will be celebrating Sunday.”

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Super Bowl Halftime Show – Shakira & Jennifer Lopez

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