Local Plumber Stays Committed to USA Manufacturing, Now Installing Rheem Professional Water Heaters


Cumming, GA – Local plumber Gary Fuller is now installing a new brand of professional water heaters, citing his desire to use only American-owned suppliers

Plumbing issues are a major source of headache for both homeowners and business owners alike. A broken water heater is an even more difficult situation to handle.

Fuller Plumbing is now installing Rheem Professional water heaters, including tankless, heat pump hybrids, and Marathon lifetime warranty units.

“This is an exciting moment for the company,” says Mr. Fuller. “We’re now able to serve the community in more ways than before.”

“We decided to offer Rheem professional water heaters because of one simple reason: the community wanted it.”

Most people don’t think too much about their water heater comes from, but Gary Fuller wants to make sure that American homeowners and business owners stay true to fellow American businesses. 

Gary Fuller is proud of his commitment to providing parts made in the USA.

“I believe strongly in buying American wherever possible, and I know the community feels the exact same way,” says Mr. Fuller. “However, we also believe that the consumer needs to have the power of choice. Despite this, we remain strong to our commitment to buying American and supporting American business.”

“All I want is to make sure that our customers get the service and products that they want. The customers have spoken: they like our commitment to buying American and want us to buy from American suppliers. So, we did just that.”

His decision was not just to keep buying American, though. Rheem is one of the most well-respected providers of heating, cooling, and water heating equipment in the world.

Rheem did not offer a statement, however, Rheem’s website states that they are the largest manufacturer of water heaters in North America. Founded in 1925, they’ve developed a strong reputation.

Gary’s mission, along with the mission of Fuller Plumbing, is to “provide the customer with an array of choices that best suits their needs and desires, making their home more customized for their lifestyle.”

President Trump’s tariffs have made buying foreign more expensive than before, making it a better business decision to source many products made in the USA.

“Whether you vote one way or another, we will always be committed to providing products made in the USA,” says Mr. Fuller.


Media Contact
Name- Gary Fuller
Email- [email protected]
Website- https://www.fullerplumbing.com/
Country- Georgia

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