MBA in Marketing: A specialization never out of fashion


No product can sell on its own. A lot of skill and enterprise are required to make sure that products reach the customers and are valued by them. This basic fact has made sure that MBA in marketing remains an in-demand course even in 2021. Good thing there are many institutions that are already offering online MBA programs.

Marketing professionals are always at the forefront of every product, and it is by far one of the most exciting roles to have in any corporate organization. Their work spans throughout the product life cycle. 

Not only do they market the product in a specific market, but often their valuable insights on markets that help shape products. Due to these all-encompassing functions, an MBA in marketing will be a highly valuable asset in the future as well.

Crucially, there are many advanced specializations in the marketing domain. What needs to be underscored is how quickly practices change in marketing; for instance, digital media has revolutionized marketing in our times. 

Thus, as a marketing professional, opportunities to learn constantly present themselves, and growth is possible at every stage. 

A great choice even in 2021

  • Growing in a saturated market

As a fresh graduate, it is natural to be concerned about landing a job after graduation. Yet, what is crucial is that you do not stop there. Not only landing a job, but you also need to grow your career by climbing up the corporate ladder. 

Of course, all that depends on your performance and dedication to the organizations’ long-term goals. But to have the right professional mindset and the ability to quickly adapt are central to your performance is the first requirement.  

Thus, if you enter the job market with prior experience in the form of internships and experience in the industry, it helps a lot. Part of your preparation for a successful career is an early taste of the work-life. 

  • Navigating the demand in every sector

You know already that all successful products have a highly successful marketing team responsible for their curation. With an MBA in Marketing, you will have the opportunity to go through trials and eros and find the right sector for yourself.

Better still, if you go to a top MBA college, you retain a significant advantage over other college graduates. Top MBA colleges ensure that students are exposed to the industry well in advance – through internships, expert talks, and placement counseling.

The other way is to take a job in the marketing team, wherever it’s available, and then try and move to the sector of your choice in time. All in all, there are a plethora of opportunities and a career in the field is ultimately very rewarding.    

  • Further specializations

Technological advancements have revolutionized the field of marketing. B-schools offer MBA in marketing almost everywhere and it has become one of the core specializations in management today. 

But the fact that huge changes are taking place every day has led to further growth in the field and advanced specializations, such as Sports Marketing, Digital Marketing, have started emerging as independent fields.

As the field expands, the opportunities for professionals also increase. Many get to be at the forefront of innovation and become trendsetters in the world of marketing. There are opportunities to also pursue higher studies if one wants.     

Top 3 colleges for MBA in Marketing

  • Birla Insitute of Management Studies

Birla Institute of Management Studies is one of the best private institutions in India to get an MBA degree from. Being a top technical school, it has a great reputation among recruiters. The faculty is highly competent and there is ample industry exposure throughout the time of the course. 

  • Sandip University

Sandip University in Nashik is one of the best colleges if you’re looking to maximize return on investment. Their recent collaboration with Sunstone Eduversity has placed them in a network of more than 400 recruiters. Placement is guaranteed and the degree is highly industry-oriented with at least 9 months of compulsory internship. 

  • Amity University

Amity is among the top colleges in India today with an amazing portfolio of 11 sprawling campuses. Like Sandip University, the network of recruiters at Amity is remarkable. While there are enough opportunities to grow your career here, the degree can be a bit expensive. But it’s worth it and the value it offers is spectacular. 


There’s no doubt about the value of marketing professionals in the 21st-century market. However, as a reverse effect of its widespread popularity, all B-schools offer MBA in  Marketing these days. It can be confusing for students to make the right choice, and consequently, it can be difficult to get the best return on their investment. 

If you want to take the right step forward, you should have a comprehensive understanding of the field in general, and choose the right college to support your ambitions.

Astha is an experienced Content Writer and Blogger in Blockchain, Tech, Fashion and eCommerce field with a successful track record of working in Creative Content Writing, Public Relations and Growth planning.

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