MENA Digital Finance Summit 2020 – 12th Jordan Economic Forum

MENA Digital Finance Summit 2020 - 12th Jordan Economic Forum

Jordan Economic Forum brought you the 1st Blockchain and Fintech Conference 2018 and the 2nd Blockchain and Fintech Conference 2019 in the past. This year 12th Jordan Economic Forum will gather forces to bring you MENA Digital Finance Summit 2020. Several experts from the financial sector will meet in Dead Sea/Jordan on March 29-30, to discuss the latest developments in the market together.

Attendees will have the ability not only to discuss the future of technology but more importantly the practical applications across leading industries.

It will feature workshops, training sessions, networking roundtables, live Q/A sessions with speakers, sponsors, and attendee spotlight features.

The digital transformation that has upended industries from retail and media to transport and business-to-business commerce are now sweeping the financial services industry. This was inevitable, as ubiquitous computing power, pervasive connectivity, mass data storage, and advanced analytical tools can easily and efficiently be applied to financial services. After all, money was already extensively (though not exclusively) created, used, stored, processed, and delivered electronically.

A digital transformation is taking place in the financial services industry, with a host of non-bank innovators offering both customer-facing and back-office financial technology products and services. This transformation in many places offers a viable digital alternative to the traditional financial industry, which have left significant populations underbanked. This note explores the challenges and opportunities that financial technology innovations present for banks in these nations.

The Summit Days, on March 29-30, will take a deeper dive into digital financial services such as: Digital Finance Services / Challenges and Opportunities, The 4th Generation Exchange, Smart cities, Digital Banking, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligent (AI), Big Data, Machine Learning (ML) and Wealthtech & Investech.

Topics covered will include the banking and payments evolution, Digital Asset as an Alternative Asset Class, ICO/IEO/STO which is the best crowdfunding method for raising capital, AI Techtalent, Regtech, and open banking and wealth management innovation.

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