Nadim Zidan of Hollywood Stars Group is here with excellent opportunities for young talents!


Hollywood Stars have been quite popular in recent years due to their reputation in the industry. Well, it wasn’t done in one day! Years of hard work and determination took Hollywood Stars to the ultimate height of success.

Nadim Zidan’s brainchild Hollywood Stars have not only become the most trusted platform for the budding artists but have also expanded into various other industries, achieving success in each one of them. Hollywood Stars came into existence in 2014 when Nadim Zidan left his job to follow his passion. In the beginning, it was just a medical tourism agency but even then it won numerous prestigious awards on several platforms which fuelled his passion to achieve his dreams of founding the most wanted agency in Hollywood.

Within a very short period of time Hollywood Stars, were on everyone’s mind and for consecutive 4 years, they won the Best Agency Award from the Mea Markets Magazine. Newcomers trust Hollywood Stars to recognize their potential and turn them into the celebrity they dream to become. Even though these guys assist artists from all domains, they specialize in music, beauty & fashion. They have been a well-known name in Dubai for quite some time because of the countless celebrity networking dinners they arrange every month. All these dinners are attended by the most reputed artists from various domains which give the budding talents an opportunity to get an insight into the industry along with the much-needed exposure.

This huge success of the agency led to its expansion into other industries and gradually the fashion and modeling agency, social media management agency, celebrity management agency and event management agency got added under the banner of the Hollywood Stars Group.

Nadim Zidan, a Syrian residing in Dubai for 16 years has been through a lot but never gave up on his dreams to make it big one day! The success of the Hollywood Stars Group is solely the result of his dedication and hard work. After losing his father at the age of 15, becoming a successful entrepreneur was the only thing in his mind. Even though he always had his family’s support he had to face a lot of adversaries to become the globally renowned entrepreneur he is today.

With the thirst to learn the ways of business, he completed BBA in Syria and MBA in investment from the Swiss. Soon he became well known as the brilliant investor who turned 300 Dirhams into one million within a very short period of time. For almost 10 years he worked as a banker and even got numerous awards including the 2013 banker of the year award. The very next year he decided to bid adieu to his professional life and start his journey in the world of business and started working on his dream venture- Hollywood Stars.

About Hollywood Stars Group

Hollywood Stars Group has multiple agencies that are working successfully in their domains helping young talents find a way in the industry with the assistance of the experts.


Website- www.hollywoodstars-me.com
Address: Office # 1503 building JBC5, Cluster W, Jumairah Lake Towers JLT, Dubai UAE.
Phone: +971 55 377 7001
WhatsApp: +971 55 377 7001
Email[email protected]
Location- Dubai

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