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Beyond Bitcoin and other criptomonedas, technology Blockchain is becoming more widespread in the whole world. Being used by companies, organizations and governments to make more efficient and safe processes. So to know that an organization as prestigious as NASA takes advantage of technology Blockchain for their teams. It is the proof of the value of the string of blocks around the world.

Technology Blockchain outside of the crypto world

The technology Blockchain is much older than Bitcoin and the criptomonedas. However, until the birth of BTC eleven years ago, the strings of blocks were not known so extended as they are today. On the contrary, for those who were experimenting with this technology, the Blockchain were little more than a curiosity.

This changed thanks to Bitcoin, because as the criptomoneda earned each time most worldwide fame. So did the technology that enables its operation. Leading to governments and large companies will be interested in the same. With the aim of creating their own virtual currencies, or simply to take advantage of the chains of blocks in their organizational processes.

Thanks to this, we see big companies like Wells Fargo, or governments like the chinese throwing their virtual coins from outside the crypto world. While military organizations and civil society will also begin to implement the chains of blocks for the transfer of information. This being the case of NASA, the u.s. space agency will begin to use technology Blockchain.

NASA takes advantage of technology Blockchain to improve the communication at your fleet of quadcopter
NASA takes advantage of technology Blockchain to improve the communication at your fleet of quadcopter.

NASA will take advantage of the chains of blocks

Thus, according to a document of the space agency, NASA would be working with the companies Orbit Logic and the Fraunhofer USA Center for Experimental Software Engineering. For the creation of a system based on technology Blockchain known as SCRAMBL, which would increase the efficiency in the communication between satellites.

The value of the contract for the creation of this mechanism would be 124.800 dollars, and is expected to be completed in a period of 4 months. Starting to work to facilitate the communication of the fleet of quadcopter NASA. Allowing the same to move in unison to easily and safely, even in harsh environments such as those presented by other planets.

In this way, thanks to the use of SCRAMBL, even if the fleet of quadcopter NASA lose at some point one of the devices that comprise it. The rest of the unmanned vehicles could be easily adapted and continue flying, despite the loss of one of their peers.

With this project, NASA would be showing the importance that can have the technology Blockchain, for the development of efficient solutions for problems such as the communication space. Thanks to the versatility of the chains of blocks, which allows to adapt to different objectives and different industries.

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