Newscrypto is now the nerve centre of Crypto

Newscrypto is now the nerve centre of Crypto

By now most investors these days have heard about cryptocurrencies, a unique virtual medium for exchanging value. ‘Crypto’ as cryptocurrencies are commonly referred to make use of cryptographical functions and blockchain technology to facilitate the easy movement of value online.

But, simply because one has heard about it does not mean that the information on how to invest in a crypto is that easy, though. Investment data that is out there on cryptocurrency is in most cases biased, past its sell-by date or if correct the information is too fragmented to provide solid leads and signals.


Measuring the pulse of crypto in real-time

If you’re looking to get in on the cryptocurrency trend early, you might need to look up is curving itself out to be the nerve centre of all things to do with cryptocurrencies, spanning from the provision of crypto-related education, up to date news as well as crucial tools to aid investors interested in cryptocurrencies. The information delivered via the NewsCrypto School is well packaged so that everyone, be it novices or experienced investors.

The site has a bespoke platform embedded into it that is loaded with essential trading tools that provide updated newsfeed, charts and cryptocurrency market insights that are not found elsewhere on the crypto investment ecosystem. NewsCrypto has come up with a 3-Tier User System that is designed to speak to the needs of each specific user type. For example, there is the Beginner Tier which is suitable for those prospective investors with no or little knowledge about crypto trading. This tier is made available for free to everyone interested and tools available include news that is updated to the minute, a coin listing calendar as well as a user investment portfolio dashboard to help in tracking.

Part of the NewsCrypto platform is dedicated to the Intermediate tier targeting investors who might want to take their interest in cryptocurrencies a step further by attempting to venture into buying and selling. Tools such as arbitrage deliver signals to investors on markets where they stand to profit by buying certain assets and doing the opposite in another. The advantage of using such tools is that investors gain an edge over their peers in the marketplace. The Advanced Tier is tailor-made for seasoned investors who are mostly interested for a bit more challenging ventures such as crypto mining, advanced market analysis as well as more complicated data feed such as markets and assets that big crypto investors, the so-called whales, are buying and selling in real-time.

 NWC continues to rise as other coins fall

Access to the intermediate and advanced tiers on the NewsCrypto platform is pegged in NWC tokens. The NewsCrypto token (NWC) is the utility of exchange on the platform that users have to pay. This means that the token has both utility and value-transfer functions within the platform as it carries out transfers of value within the NewsCrypto ecosystem.

If you are looking to invest, the NWC token is currently listed and trading on several exchanges, Probit exchange, Dcoin exchange, BigONE, CAT.EX and most recently Kucoin. To celebrate Newscrypto (NWC) being listed on KuCoin, a listing campaign has been launched on the exchange to give away a reward pool of 884,000 NWC to qualified KuCoin users. The campaign will run from 18:00:00 on December 17, 2019 to 18:00:00 on December 24, 2019 (UTC +8).

While the flagship crypto leader Bitcoin together with other alternative coins have been on a gradual decline in the past 6 months or so, the NWC has shown resilience and emerged as a real investment avenue as it has risen from around $0.02 to $0.036 within the past 3 months. This is not an easy feat given the fact that the rest of the market is in a bearish mode right now.

The team behind this disruptive token has been consistently hinting that the core of their future token development system is token burning. This means that they will automatically burn 20% of NWC tokens received from membership fees. In crypto token burning is an intentional action taken by a coin’s developers to “burn”, this means to remove a specific number of tokens from the total in existence from circulation. Although there are several reasons why developers choose to burn tokens, generally the move is for deflationary purposes. As a result of token burning the total token supply is significantly reduced which results in the organic growth of value benefiting investors and token holders. NWC has a total supply of 280 000 000 tokens with an estimated circulating supply of 90.000.000 in 5 years. Over that period, we are likely to see a continued rise in demand and price of the NWC.

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